Mims Motors is Coming for Tesla

Watch out Elon! It has been an interesting ride seeing this decade embrace the electric car in all it’s glory. It has been a long time coming, yet one that is especially needed. But challenging Tesla? It has been almost impossible. Maybe that is time to change. Mims Motors Corporation, a (SAE) certified large scale manufacturer of electric vehicles, which is currently headquartered in Nevada, … Continue reading Mims Motors is Coming for Tesla

Is Apple Losing It’s Touch Or Are We Overreacting?

As people we often go with the trend when it comes to the latest and greatest merchandise. This can be because we tend to lean on said product due to convenience and familiarity, or just to say we have the latest status symbol. At times  the excitement and theatrics can cloud our ability to see whether we are receiving the greatest product  and the greatest … Continue reading Is Apple Losing It’s Touch Or Are We Overreacting?

The Magnificent 7

In our world of fashion, style, music and entertainment there are always those that we take queues from. We listen to a new record because of their suggestions or after hearing it as something they have in the ambiance while they speak to us. We jack style tips as we monitor their day to day and look for must have piece to complete our outfits. Through … Continue reading The Magnificent 7

A Surreal Year Indeed

As is done every year, Merriam-Webster has announced the top word of 2016 to be ‘surreal’. Interestingly enough the word of the year is generally based on look ups and searches, not situations. Yet, one can argue that this year’s events and situations have lead us to ‘surreal’. 2016 has been quite a strange and ofttimes puzzling year. We have seen the rise of Donald … Continue reading A Surreal Year Indeed

The Curious Case of Donald Trump and Twitter

As we begin to accept the President elect for who he is, there has been a tough pill to swallow beginning to form for most people. Donald Trump won the Presidential election primarily based on the inherent disgust most people had for Hillary Clinton, as well as most perceiving him as an outsider. Yet, even after all this, there is still an issue that needs … Continue reading The Curious Case of Donald Trump and Twitter

5 Reasons Why Hillary Lost The Election

As we now know in one of the biggest upsets in United States History (yes, even more shocking than the 2016 Golden State Warrior’s 3-1 choke in the Finals), Hillary Clinton, a career politician and one time First Lady, lost to Donald Trump (of WWE and Television fame) in the United States Presidential Election. It has been a pretty emotional few days, but as we … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Hillary Lost The Election

Willing and Abel

In a time where gimmicks are the standard not the exception, The-Weeknd has always managed to have an allure to him. Initially touted as potentially the next big international R&B superstar, his growth and development as an artist is a journey that I found interesting as an early adopter of his music. Through that growth he as also broadened his range and fan base without … Continue reading Willing and Abel

The Continuing Woes for Samsung

Only a week after stating they had isolated the issue with the overheating Samsung Galaxy Note 7, reports are coming in that the replacement models have the same issue as well. This comes almost a month after Samsung made the executive decision to pull back and recall over 2.5 million phones. That isn’t a typo. That is almost unheard of when it comes to a … Continue reading The Continuing Woes for Samsung

Snapchat raised an addition $1.3 Billion since May 2015

Snapchat Inc. has added 120 investors and raised $1.3 billion in funding since last May. Combined with data from previous filings, Snapchat appears to have about 200 distinct investors and has raised more than $2 billion from them. Snapchat Chief Executive Evan Spiegel explores all options, in part because there’s intense demand to be a shareholder in Snapchat, which was valued at more than $15 billion … Continue reading Snapchat raised an addition $1.3 Billion since May 2015

140 Characters or Less: Twitter’s Struggle To Stay Relevant

Twitter has had a pretty interesting history. It taught us to how to be concise and brief in our thoughts. It has exposed the age gap with those who have no idea the difference between a direct message and a public time line. It has spurned revolutions (most notably the Arab spring), and has become the go to arena for breaking news. As a constant … Continue reading 140 Characters or Less: Twitter’s Struggle To Stay Relevant