Citi Taste of Tennis Is One For the stars

You know it’s the twilight of summer when it’s time for the U.S. Open. That is the perfect time between the end of the heat and the beginning of windy days and fallen leaves. Sometimes you get a special treat during the Open, and other times you also get a benefit with a great cause. The 20th Annual Citi Taste of Tennis was that benefit, … Continue reading Citi Taste of Tennis Is One For the stars

Nike x Carhartt: A Union Worth Celebrating

Nike has an extensive network of collaborators, from individual designers to major brands. Their capsule collections and limited drops are usually heralded, as very few companies do it better than them. Before it drops today, many people were scratching their heads over the Nike x Carhartt WIP collection. Carhartt WIP, the sub-label from Carhartt, brings together some well known Nike designs with Carhartt’s work background. … Continue reading Nike x Carhartt: A Union Worth Celebrating

Nike: House of Innovation NYC

Nike has always listened to it’s consumers, leading the industry when it comes to not just product, but also technology. This has stayed true in the face of an evolving consumer; us. As traditional brick and mortars start to falter and even close shop, Nike is making a bold statement with their new House of Innovation 000 in NYC. The 68,000 square foot flagship is … Continue reading Nike: House of Innovation NYC

The New Hu Collection Honors East Africa

Adidas Originals has been such a hit this year, extending past the Yeezy line. Interestingly enough, the less flashy Pharrell has given us some great footwear and clothing from his Human Race (Hu) series. The line has become an instant hit, making them the go to shoe for consumers and hypebeasts alike. Embodying certain values that Pharrell has and wants to spread in this world, … Continue reading The New Hu Collection Honors East Africa

Return of the Pack

It’s been a phenomenal couple of weeks for the legendary NJ sneaker boutique Packer Shoes. Last week to commemorate the reopening of their flagship location in Teaneck, they brought out a who’s who to celebrate. They have also geared up new works with Adidas that couldn’t have released at a better time, and currently has social media buzzing. The first, a very limited Consortium EQT … Continue reading Return of the Pack


“I’m hot-scorching, but stone cold like Steve Austin If you smell what Tical cooking, ain’t tryin’ to see central booking” -Method Man, Blackout When I heard that theme music come on while watching WWE, one thing was for sure. Somebody was about to get a mud hole stomped in their ass, and that’s the bottom line! Sure there might have been some jawing off and … Continue reading VINTAGE FLOWS: KICKIN WINES IN THE CAN

The Future in Flyknit

Flyknit technology has ushered in a new generation of classics for Nike since it’s launch. Beyond the the tech itself, it’s evolution over the years has been something of note as well. We went from mainly runners during its inception to remastered versions of definitive silhouettes, which is where many took note to the capabilities of the tech. Even where we’ve currently reached on the … Continue reading The Future in Flyknit