Cult of Individuality: Still Breaking the Rules

It’s hard to put together an iconic streetwear in a place like New York. History, competition, and sheer numbers over power creativity. Cult of Individuality didn’t hear any of that nonsense and built itself a following that has stood the test of time and pandemic. Like its founder, Ron Poisson, Cult has really tattooed itself in the psyche of individuals as non conformist. But not … Continue reading Cult of Individuality: Still Breaking the Rules

Us Weekly’s Most Stylish New Yorkers at NYFW

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, there are a few staples. There is always that one new designer that takes the week by storm. There is always that one celebrity that puts together an all time classic outfit. But a staple for 15 years? Look no further than the annual Most Stylish New Yorkers Event from Us Weekly. The event which took place … Continue reading Us Weekly’s Most Stylish New Yorkers at NYFW

Puma – The Revitalized Contender

For the longest time Puma kept in the shadows, always a distant third behind Nike/Jordan and Adidas. Although Puma tended to have some of the best collaborations and names (Rihanna, Big Sean, Alexander McQueen), there was always something that almost seemed lacking. Then last year happened. After almost 20 years, Puma decided to get back into the basketball business. First order of business? Sign Walt … Continue reading Puma – The Revitalized Contender

Adidas Originals Announces Collaboration With Donald Glover

Following the well received and much talked about video for his summer hit Feels Like Summer, Donald Glover has just signed a deal with Adidas Originals. Adidas Originals the Adidas arm that represents Yeezy brand amongst others, called it a “collaboration without boundaries”. This might be a sigh of relief for fans who have seen Glover flourish under FX’s openness in Atlanta. On the flip side, … Continue reading Adidas Originals Announces Collaboration With Donald Glover

Focused on Fusion

No dances or Potara earrings for Reebok. Just good old fashion innovation and ingenuity. Something I spoke on before was how much potential 2018 had for the sportswear brand and honestly they are really living up to it. That opportunity really is centered in things being unexpected from Reebok and certain brands becoming stale. I think that’s something we can all relate to and admit … Continue reading Focused on Fusion

Beards, Rhymes, and the Return

Adidas has been steadily climbing as a sneaker juggernaut with its daring designs through its running division. That same momentum hadn’t transferred over to the basketball court in recent years. However, there is hope in the form of their current basketball superstars who are looking to transform the three-stripe lifestyle heavyweight into a basketball powerhouse. Being fresh, new and innovative are all qualities that a … Continue reading Beards, Rhymes, and the Return