Adidas Originals Announces Collaboration With Donald Glover

Adidas Originals Announces Collaboration With Donald Glover

Following the well received and much talked about video for his summer hit Feels Like Summer, Donald Glover has just signed a deal with Adidas Originals. Adidas Originals the Adidas arm that represents Yeezy brand amongst others, called it a “collaboration without boundaries”. This might be a sigh of relief for fans who have seen Glover flourish under FX’s openness in Atlanta. On the flip side, we have seen Marvel’s inability to understand that when it came to an animated television show following Deadpool.


Donald Glover has always been a disrupter that does his best work when he is untethered and not held down by a corporate infrastructure looking to tell him what’s funny, or even what works. He has a pretty good idea of what works, and I’m glad Adidas is recognizing that. This should be fun as this collaboration comes to fruition.


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