BMW’s iNext Revealed in Teaser

BMW's iNext Revealed in Teaser

Earlier this summer, BMW let us get a glimpse of what they had in store from their concept car division. Although we had a vague idea of what that car might be – we had no idea it would be this. BMW sent out a teaser trailer yesterday that expanded on this concept, making it a reality.

The car has this Tron like grille that is almost destined for a mixed reaction, but the car is clean. With Tesla in an interesting conundrum of “can they actually produce that many Model 3s?”, other manufacturers are stepping up to cover some ground. Although this futuristic ride is still technically a concept we don’t know much about price or trim, BUT it does look like it will get an official reveal next week. There is talk of a 2021 release which is honestly, just around the corner.

BMW's iNext Revealed in Teaser

The “i” series has done well for BMW, and aesthetically they have been one of the better production cars in the electric war that manufacturers are starting to join. This absolutely looks like a crossover (maybe a tad bigger than the recent X2?), but that could change.

BMW's iNext Revealed in Teaser


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