First Look at the 2018 Toyota Supra

First Look at the 2018 Toyota Supra

We have waited almost 2 decades to gain the successor to the 90’s legend of the Toyota Supra. This past year we were given hints of new production from the concept that was dropped, but no clear direction of where it was going. That has all changed with these spy photos of the upcoming behemoth – the 2018 Toyota Supra.


An oft sought after classic, the Supra is an impressive vehicle that every car connoisseur coveted over the years, where it easily pushed 200MPH with a bit of tuning. Having actually owned one for a very short period of time, this is easily the best news I’ve gotten all week. The car itself is said to boast an inline six, but some outlets are speculating a hybrid will also be released at some point. The spy photos show off the new tapered taillights as ¬†well as potentially sharing the underpinnings with the future release Z5 from BMW. As we await these two classics to grace our showroom floors keep checking in for updates!


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