Leveling Up Art with Abdellah Korari

Certain concepts maintain no matter what the political/societal/global climate is. One of these certain concepts is art. Art has had the ability to flourish through the centuries, always a beacon of creativity to be seen no matter the circumstance. We sat with Abdellah Korari, the Managing Director of Cobra Art Gallery in Düsseldorf, to discuss art and the passion he brings to the table.    Art … Continue reading Leveling Up Art with Abdellah Korari

King Saladeen “Dream Big, Bear Champion”

It’s always good to see the people you support progress, and that’s exactly what is happening for our brother King Saladeen. To see the new endeavors and works from Saladeen have been nothing less than spectacular. Currently coming off the release of his collaboration with Champion, he is launching a new limited print in honor of NYFW. Saladeen’s work is always rooted in his experiences … Continue reading King Saladeen “Dream Big, Bear Champion”

Rental Gallery Reopens in East Hampton

Rental Gallery is proud to announce its new location at 87 Newtown Road in East Hampton, New York. Owned and directed by artist-dealer Joel Mesler, the nomadic and collaborative Rental has existed in earlier iterations in Los Angeles (2004-2007) and New York City (2007-2010). The inaugural show will be a Rental retrospective, gathering artists who have shown in the space over the years. It will … Continue reading Rental Gallery Reopens in East Hampton

Industry Insider: Shwetambari Mody

Shwetambari Mody is an Indian-born, international fashion designer and branding expert living in New York City, best known for her classic, vibrant, high fashion neck scarves. A design graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, USA, with an MBA in luxury brand management from ESSEC Business School in Paris, France, Ms. Mody has worked extensively and internationally on both, the design and … Continue reading Industry Insider: Shwetambari Mody

Is Marko Stout Reinventing Pop Art?

Art is generally seen as timeless, yet throughout history artists have made it a point to harken back to previous styles and movements. Current artists such as Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons have recently revisited themes from the pop movement of the 1960s, made popular by Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein. The most recent multimedia reinvention of this style is currently being offered by the popular … Continue reading Is Marko Stout Reinventing Pop Art?

Thornton Dial: A Pioneer In His Own Right

Using unwanted objects and found scraps to create profound Art isn’t an idea most artists would consider. The majority of us would take the approach of creating a piece of work the masses would celebrate and rejoice over while artists like Thornton Dial took pride in a very untraditional approach. His work undoubtedly and unapologetically raised awareness to the harsh realities minorities were faced with during his lifetime, the same harsh … Continue reading Thornton Dial: A Pioneer In His Own Right

Fashion Inspired Art Galleries

Whether it’s pop culture, global fashion or the history of fashion in New York City, these art galleries will take you through the past and around the globe. Global Fashion – Fashion & Textile Gallery Capitals The Museum at FIT, Seventh Avenue at 27th Street, New York, NY 10001 212.217.4558 June 2 – November 14, 2015 As globalization takes over the fashion world, new cities … Continue reading Fashion Inspired Art Galleries

F.A.B. – The New Way To Buy & Sell Art

New global online auction house Fine Art Bourse (F.A.B.) is challenging the centuries old business model established by Sotheby’s and Christie’s as it slashes fees and simplifies the process. Just launched at www.fineartbourse.com, F.A.B. will charge a buyer’s commission of just 5%, compared to the 25% fee commanded by most of the traditionalists, as it offers the finest quality art. And transaction charges will be exempt … Continue reading F.A.B. – The New Way To Buy & Sell Art