Leveling Up Art with Abdellah Korari

Leveling Up Art with Abdellah Korari

Certain concepts maintain no matter what the political/societal/global climate is. One of these certain concepts is art. Art has had the ability to flourish through the centuries, always a beacon of creativity to be seen no matter the circumstance. We sat with Abdellah Korari, the Managing Director of Cobra Art Gallery in Düsseldorf, to discuss art and the passion he brings to the table. 


Leveling Up Art with Abdellah Korari

Art is subjective and generally influenced by an individuals experiences and upbringing. Where do you feel your passion comes from?

My passion for art came from my childhood. I grew up in a house where we had many art pieces and as a child I was always intrigued by the art. It fascinated me how the artists express their feelings towards their art.

We see art pieces go for millions of Euros and to the untrained eye they might not look like much. How long did it take you to hone your craft? Who were some of your mentors?

 From when I was growing up I used to ask myself why do some art pieces sell for millions of Euros. This question led me to research deeper. This interest soon helped me understand the worthiness of art pieces as I was always fas, I read a lot about it, I questioned experienced people such as artists, and later on when I had my working experience as an interior designer it helped me a lot to realise what makes each art piece unique and special.

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