Ten Years Later: 808’s & Heartbreak

Next month marks ten years since the release of 808’s & Heartbreak. With so much of what’s going on with Kanye now, we often hear of a desire for the “Old Kanye”. With that said I feel it’s only right we speak on one of his most controversial albums. 808’s is still a very hit or miss project for many fans. Some people really enjoy … Continue reading Ten Years Later: 808’s & Heartbreak

Childish Gambino Drops Feels Like Summer Video

Childish Gambino quietly owned summer with his “This is America” anthem and video, sparking conversation and controversy that resonated for the last few months. He carefully cultivated a perfect visual piece that worked so well with the audio, making it ripe for listening to over and over again. As we come to a close on summer he dropped another video to go with audio. Feels … Continue reading Childish Gambino Drops Feels Like Summer Video

The Resurrection of N.E.R.D.

For all my real N.E.RD. enthusiasts, the group really hasn’t gone anywhere. Pharrell has become a personality that 1) doesn’t age 2) is ubiquitous 3) has developed into one of the best features to have on a record. Pharrell is the friendly vampire that has invaded our headspace with “Happy” and the Daft Punk infused “Get Lucky”. Chad Hugo, although not a fan of the … Continue reading The Resurrection of N.E.R.D.

Crafting Singles

This year has been a wildly enjoyable and exciting year for me. I find myself often on the move making new memories, through both my work and personal life. These outings have varied from sports, to debuts, to exclusive experiences, and some behind the scenes content as well. Throughout all these ventures one thing has remained consistent. Each and every outing I attended featured an … Continue reading Crafting Singles

The Magnificent 7

In our world of fashion, style, music and entertainment there are always those that we take queues from. We listen to a new record because of their suggestions or after hearing it as something they have in the ambiance while they speak to us. We jack style tips as we monitor their day to day and look for must have piece to complete our outfits. Through … Continue reading The Magnificent 7