Hypland – A Jordan Bentley Experience

The world of apparel is dominated by major brands that use the same tired concepts/influences and overcharging because they can. I love Supreme, but how many Hanes-esque shirts can be sold before we realize that there is a better product out there. The idea of mixing streetwear and pop culture is the oldest tale in fashion, but Hypland is in a league of their own. … Continue reading Hypland – A Jordan Bentley Experience

Vintage Flows: “Drink Outside the Box”

“Rosé in my Fruit Loops, hard time, I done did that…” -Tru Life, Last Night So, if you are a subscriber to “Vintage Flows”, first off, thank you! Second, you know that I start every article with a rap/music lyric that segues into my topic of discussion. It’s only right that I reference the perfect quote from rapper, Tru Life. As far as I’m concerned … Continue reading Vintage Flows: “Drink Outside the Box”

A Drinking Man’s Game: Copper Pony Rye Whiskey

We cant deny the social aspect of drinking! Not only does it bring us together but when responsibly consumed, it definitely enhances social gatherings. Think about it; how many of us are willing to participate in karaoke, all the while making a fool of ourselves! Spirits make these situations slightly more comfortable, by helping subsided our inhibitions . How about the many monumental experiences in … Continue reading A Drinking Man’s Game: Copper Pony Rye Whiskey

The Magnificent 7

In our world of fashion, style, music and entertainment there are always those that we take queues from. We listen to a new record because of their suggestions or after hearing it as something they have in the ambiance while they speak to us. We jack style tips as we monitor their day to day and look for must have piece to complete our outfits. Through … Continue reading The Magnificent 7

Is There a New Style Trending in Magazine Covers?

Don’t be surprised if your magazine cover model has a slightly different pose in L.A. compared to the same magazine in New York. Magazines are judged by their covers, so publishers are now targeting consumers via double covers. The same issue may display its cover differently from one coast to another, and this strategy saves some magazines. Many otherwise fail within five years of their startup.  Competition … Continue reading Is There a New Style Trending in Magazine Covers?

Rental Gallery Reopens in East Hampton

Rental Gallery is proud to announce its new location at 87 Newtown Road in East Hampton, New York. Owned and directed by artist-dealer Joel Mesler, the nomadic and collaborative Rental has existed in earlier iterations in Los Angeles (2004-2007) and New York City (2007-2010). The inaugural show will be a Rental retrospective, gathering artists who have shown in the space over the years. It will … Continue reading Rental Gallery Reopens in East Hampton