Return of the Pack

It’s been a phenomenal couple of weeks for the legendary NJ sneaker boutique Packer Shoes. Last week to commemorate the reopening of their flagship location in Teaneck, they brought out a who’s who to celebrate. They have also geared up new works with Adidas that couldn’t have released at a better time, and currently has social media buzzing. The first, a very limited Consortium EQT … Continue reading Return of the Pack

King Saladeen “Dream Big, Bear Champion”

It’s always good to see the people you support progress, and that’s exactly what is happening for our brother King Saladeen. To see the new endeavors and works from Saladeen have been nothing less than spectacular. Currently coming off the release of his collaboration with Champion, he is launching a new limited print in honor of NYFW. Saladeen’s work is always rooted in his experiences … Continue reading King Saladeen “Dream Big, Bear Champion”

The Future in Flyknit

Flyknit technology has ushered in a new generation of classics for Nike since it’s launch. Beyond the the tech itself, it’s evolution over the years has been something of note as well. We went from mainly runners during its inception to remastered versions of definitive silhouettes, which is where many took note to the capabilities of the tech. Even where we’ve currently reached on the … Continue reading The Future in Flyknit

Candytopia NYC

Last night we were lucky enough to attend a walkthrough of Candytopia NYC.  Described as an “Outrageously Interactive Candy Wonderland”, the entire experience is nothing less than amazing. Visually captivating from the moment you enter with vivid colors and displays, it’s truly one of the must see events in New York this summer. Our favorite part of it all is the variation of each room … Continue reading Candytopia NYC

The Sisters Mcdowell

So today I watched one of the most highly touted and iconic comedies of all time, Coming to America. The movie sparked a thought that had come up in conversation before, and once again got me thinking. Did Akeem choose the right sister? In a movie setting and given the intended purpose of his pilgrimage, it’s completely understandable why he chose Lisa. However at the … Continue reading The Sisters Mcdowell