Forging The New

Forging The New

The chunky shoe era is upon us again. Many brands are offering their renditions of thick soled-bulky models, and some are successes and some are forgettable. Under Armour is throwing their hat in the ring as we wrap up the summer, and it’s a solid contender to say the least. On August 31st, we will be seeing the Forge 96 launching. This is exactly what many have been waiting on, after hearing things for some time about Under Armour’s aspirations of expanding their Lifestyle side of things. This is a great foundation at a great time to gain quality momentum amongst the brands and market of shoes of that style.

Along with the solid groundwork of the Forge 96 silhouette itself. The launches roll out for the shoe seems to be highly impressive as well. Under Armour has put together special activations known as “Pioneer Forums” in seven cities across the globe for the release of the Forge 96. They have also appointed special “Sportstyle Pioneers” for each event in each city.  Berlin will have German fusion-soul rapper Serious Klein. Seoul will feature the founders of IISE Kevin and Terrence Kim. Amsterdam has designer Olaf Hussein. Hong Kong brings Arthur Yeti of Yeti Out.  The world renowned Simon Suphandagli will be in London. Tokyo gives us the always dope Tokyo Vitamin Crew. And, for the US, we will get a guy we at SOCIAL have connections to Malcom Jenkins in Philadelphia.

The materials and craft seem to be top notch and the shoe is priced at a modest $120, which may make this a steal for what we are getting. As more information becomes available we will definitely keep you up to date on the Under Armour Forge 96 here at SOCIAL.

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