Beatbox and Avril Lavigne Collaborate on a New Pink Lemonade

Beatbox and Avril Lavigne Collaborate on a New Pink Lemonade

Singer. Songwriter. Philanthropist. Avril Lavigne, who has an impressive collection of eight GRAMMY® nominations and multi-platinum achievements, is getting into the spirits industry. She has recently unveiled her collaboration with BeatBox, the brand known for crafting “The World’s Tastiest Party Punch.” 

Avril’s creation is a tasty Pink Lemonade, which is 11.1% ABV and comes in an exclusive special edition package. This drink will be gracing many stores across the United States, including reputable chains like 7-Eleven, Kroger, Circle K, Casey’s, QuikTrip, and other chains and independent outlets.

The collaboration heralds the latest installment of BeatBox’s innovative “Creator Series.” This initiative by BeatBox aligns their thriving ready-to-drink cocktail enterprise with internationally celebrated personalities for the invention of bespoke flavors packaged distinctively. The brand’s extensive retail channels distribute these exclusive creations far and wide.

The partnership with BeatBox felt right from the start – I have never come across a brand that was as committed to providing their fans with a truly memorable experience, specifically pegged to music, than the BeatBox Team,” said Avril Lavigne. Lavigne continues, “Every facet of the collaboration, down to my involvement with the design of the package itself, felt authentic and true to me. I am excited for people to see the new packaging, and let us know what you think!

Eager fans across the nation can anticipate an immersive retail experience. An array of signed Avril Lavigne merchandise is up for grabs through contests. Retail spaces are set to be adorned with specially curated Avril-themed displays and life-sized cutouts of the pop icon herself. Additionally, an exciting sweepstake gives fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Avril Lavigne in person.

Avril’s stardom remains in the stratosphere. She boasts an immense social media following exceeding 100 million, a testament to her undying popularity.

BeatBox Beverages has carved its legacy, heralded as one of the most meteoric rising RTD brands of 2022. Currently, it is accessible in 45,000+ retail outlets. Moreover, it holds the crown for being the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage brand on social media. Having already created a splash by reaching over 6 million enthusiasts at festivals and events in 2022, BeatBox is poised for an even more electrifying 2023 with 100+ music festivals and events in the pipeline.

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