Celebrating Authenticity: DIAGEO’s BLEND OUT 

Celebrating Authenticity: DIAGEO's BLEND OUT 

DIAGEO recently hosted BLEND OUT, an event in New York City that celebrated individuals who embrace their unique identities and refuse to conform, aiming to foster inclusivity for all. The gathering welcomed a diverse array of guests who engaged in authentic conversations and attended a panel discussion led by renowned author, director, producer, writer, and trans activist, Janet Mock. The panel featured influential figures such as entrepreneur Jon Gray of Ghetto Gastro, philanthropist Luke Lawal Jr of HBCU Buzz, fashion designer Phillip Lim, and cultural architect Yvonne Guidry of Spoiled Latina. Through this unfiltered dialogue, attendees gained insights into each panelist’s personal journey of success and how their distinct identities influenced them to embrace their true selves, challenging societal expectations to “blend in.”

During the discussion, Janet Mock was asked about a defining moment in her life that solidified her impact and her commitment to being the change she wished to see. In response, she shared her realization that she needed to create spaces for people to share their authentic stories. Her goal was not only to tell her own story but also to highlight the power and experiences of Black trans and queer individuals.

Celebrating Authenticity: DIAGEO's BLEND OUT 
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By hosting BLEND OUT, DIAGEO created a platform that amplified the voices of multi-hyphenate creators, encouraging them to embrace their identities and contribute to a more inclusive society. The event served as a testament to the importance of celebrating diversity and empowering individuals to be true to themselves, inspiring others to do the same.

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