Candytopia NYC

Last night we were lucky enough to attend a walkthrough of Candytopia NYC.  Described as an “Outrageously Interactive Candy Wonderland”, the entire experience is nothing less than amazing. Visually captivating from the moment you enter with vivid colors and displays, it’s truly one of the must see events in New York this summer. Our favorite part of it all is the variation of each room … Continue reading Candytopia NYC

The Magnificent 7

In our world of fashion, style, music and entertainment there are always those that we take queues from. We listen to a new record because of their suggestions or after hearing it as something they have in the ambiance while they speak to us. We jack style tips as we monitor their day to day and look for must have piece to complete our outfits. Through … Continue reading The Magnificent 7

Nike x Air Max x New York

The Air Max 1 turned 30 this weekend, and just like anyone celebrating their birthday nowadays; they did so for the entire month capping off with a big weekend. Air Max Day has become a worldwide phenomenon and Nike executed this year flawlessly. There were over twenty different Air Max releases this month ALONE to commemorate the celebration of the 30th anniversary of one of Nike’s … Continue reading Nike x Air Max x New York

Rental Gallery Reopens in East Hampton

Rental Gallery is proud to announce its new location at 87 Newtown Road in East Hampton, New York. Owned and directed by artist-dealer Joel Mesler, the nomadic and collaborative Rental has existed in earlier iterations in Los Angeles (2004-2007) and New York City (2007-2010). The inaugural show will be a Rental retrospective, gathering artists who have shown in the space over the years. It will … Continue reading Rental Gallery Reopens in East Hampton

The Revolution and Evolution of Black Television

This is the part where I open the article with a clever yet thought provoking statement. Yeah, that’s not happening this time; this article is literally inspired by the series’ Atlanta and Insecure. I will get back to them a bit later. Black television has always been something that I found to be an interesting dynamic. As a black man in the current society, in … Continue reading The Revolution and Evolution of Black Television

Is Marko Stout Reinventing Pop Art?

Art is generally seen as timeless, yet throughout history artists have made it a point to harken back to previous styles and movements. Current artists such as Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons have recently revisited themes from the pop movement of the 1960s, made popular by Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein. The most recent multimedia reinvention of this style is currently being offered by the popular … Continue reading Is Marko Stout Reinventing Pop Art?

Sam Allan: NYC DJ Turning Heads

When he moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island, little did the state of New York know there was a protégé growing up on Boylan Street by the name of DJ Sam Allan. Bumping rock, rap and pop in his headphones on a random adventure into the City, he discovered the infamous venue “Twilo.” They guest starred international DJ’s every Friday night and he kept coming … Continue reading Sam Allan: NYC DJ Turning Heads