The Magnificent 7

In our world of fashion, style, music and entertainment there are always those that we take queues from. We listen to a new record because of their suggestions or after hearing it as something they have in the ambiance while they speak to us. We jack style tips as we monitor their day to day and look for must have piece to complete our outfits. Through these same influencers we get insight into upcoming designers and brands to be on the look for, that usually end up being our favorites. In their glimpses of vulnerability, we align and at times receive a message that hits home as we go through our moments in life. Today we stop and shine the light on seven of the dopest women in the game who are doing all of what we just spoke on and more. Seven ladies who have cultivated a following with their brands and consistently put in work, while continuing to make what’s “what” perpetuate the culture. These women have turned their personal auras and beliefs into brands, and collaborated with some of the biggest names and companies to make sure to add to their success. Social has supported their works, and journey thus far and we feel you need to as well.


Wendy Lam

IG: Nitro_licious


Wendy is one our flyest featured women on the list, with a sneaker game to absolutely marvel. You can catch her moving with many of the big sportswear brands, high-end fashion brands, and elite streetwear brands; or in a photo-op catching a bite at a spot that makes your mouth water. With her insight on the latest greatest and most exclusive kicks, streetwear, the fashion collabs you all want but cannot get; she is an easy choice for us. Along with that her love for beauty and tech, combined with her jet-setting make her appeal to a wide variety of people. She doesn’t hesitate to keep us updated with glimpses into her world, as well as all the news you need on the latest and whats upcoming. She is definitely someone you need to follow and check for, and one we feel you undoubtedly fall in love with.

Partnerships: Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Under Armour, Dior

Raven Varona

IG: RavieB



Most of our highlighted influencers spend the majority of their time in front of the cameras; but this one is the opposite for the most part. Commonly known by her Social Media handle “RavieB”, Raven influences our world through a different technique. She does not focus on herself being the star; she creates the perfect concentration on what she sees. Working primarily behind the lens with one of the best eyes for photography of our generation in our opinion, Raven has easily earned a feature here today. She has captured some of the most iconic moments of  many of our favorite artist, creatives, and scenes that you either attended or envied after seeing them how she saw them. Her talent and ability are obvious in any and everything she shoots; which is part of the reason this freelancer is such high demand. With plans to develop a youth photography program, it is obvious her passion for her craft extends through various sides. We can assure you have already liked and frequently seen her work and may not have known that some of your favorite visuals belong to the same amazing person.

Partnerships: Complex, Fader, Hypebeast, Beats, Finishline, Nike


Brittany Sky

IG: BrittanySky



Brittany is a very interesting mix for us. Extremely stylish, consistent movement and to add she curates the vibe. One thing all of these women have in common is they are multifaceted. Moreover, this is something that truly applies to Brittany. She has been a pillar when it comes down to style. Giving us different looks, supplying the music, and branching out into fitness with her partnership with Adidas; she is definitely worthy. Brands have connected with Brittany on multiple sides of the business for campaigns due to that variety she brings to the table. I previously mentioned the vibe too. And, if you did not know, her DJ’ing is not to play with. She has been seen featured for many brand’s experiences providing the playlists and soundtracks to those venues. The down to earth Sky seems to always be smiling and enjoying any and everything she involved in too. All these things along with her giving us consistent insight into her world makes her an easy choice as someone we think you should be keeping up with. The only problem is as we mentioned she is always moving so keeping up with her may not be as easy as we make it seem.

Partnerships: American Express, Delta Airlines, Adidas, Heineken, Revolve



IG: SymoneSays



The homie and creator of TalllGirlWorld Symone is one of the newest names you should be checking for. This 6’4 creative has begun to design a lane all her own. Rooting her brand in the concept of pioneering means that apply to women like her; Symone is one of a kind. A true free spirit centered in positivity whose unique energy is visible in all of her endeavors. That same personality of hers has birthed many of the partnerships for Symone. We spoke to many of these ladies finding the joy in what they do, but no one may have more fun making a living doing the things she loves than Symone. A frequent fixture at many of the tastemaker events, and someone who always giving her supporters a look into a lot of the upcoming trends and changes in the world of fashion and music. Consistently pursued by brands to be an early adopter of what the next wave is, she is often far ahead of movements before a lot of us. It’s pretty simple with Symone if she likes it you will love it and if she does not like it she definitely will not have anything to do with it. Looking to ease life for all the statuesque women of the world, with style tips, inspiration, and ever-flowing confidence Symone is one to look out for.

Partnerships: Reebok, Adidas, Puma, Refinery29


Scottie Beam

IG: Scottie Beam



It is definitely a small world, but at the moment Scottie is taking that world over. The former Hot 97 producer is having a big year building her individual brand. Scottie has her hands in everything and we could not be more proud of the work she is doing. She really seems to be in that zone where she cannot miss with anything she touches. Whether it’s being involved in addressing the topics many of us have with society and or keeping it super real on her “Black Girl Podcast” she is using her platforms flawlessly. Along with that, Revolt, MTV, and BET have all featured the budding personality this year for different segments. Her star is shining very bright and she continues to push herself and work daily on her craft. The best part of it all is she is continuing to do it all her way; and it’s all authentic. She seems to be high on the lists to host so many of the biggest happenings through multiple media ventures, and she is crushing every opportunity. The Social family is definitely looking forward to Scottie’s 2018 and recommend you all take witness as well.

Partnerships: Apple, MTV, BET, Nike, Revolt, HBO


London Zhiloh

IG: LondonZhiloh



As a Lifestyle Magazine, we truly believe style is life and that is one thing applies true to our next feature London Zhiloh. You know you are special when your look is the centerpiece on a look that went down as one of the dopest looks for one of the world’s favorite lookers. This is all true for the model, stylist, creative, entrepreneur Zhiloh. The versifier fly girl makes our list for of course being at the top of her game, but also looking to push herself to new heights. On top of being involved with so much with so many, she always has an inspirational word to help many of us keep striving to grow and grind as well. The growth of hers has been something to marvel as well. Through her various brand rollouts she has collaborated she has evolved into a promising force in the media industry. London is engrossed in her moving forward and we are excited to see her add to her accomplishments.

Partnerships: Nike, Asics, Milk Makeup, New Balance, Gucci, Timberland


Vashtie Kola

IG: Vashtie



You know there are far and few between that’ve done or will ever be able to do anywhere near the work Vashtie has done.  Vashtie has been involved in the development and creation of some of the most relevant names, brands, and projects around us today. That is one angle; she also has been the face of said brands promotions and launches. Directed commercials, videos, segments, for these campaigns; and in cases, DJ’d their commencements as well. Talk about having multiple values when it comes to collaborating with a company. I mean she was the first woman to have a Jordan Brand collaboration. That is far from being by chance. With a style and view, all her own Vashtie has been killing it for some time now with really no end in sight. Always chill, always smiling, Vashtie is widely recognized in many circles for many reasons, so there was no way we could not include her. Whether it be crafting social events that give us the chance to reminisce of timeless era, or dropping tips on how to live a much healthy lifestyle enjoyable; Vashtie keeps us attentive. We have learned from, admired her efforts for some time, and will continue as long as she allows us.

Partnerships: Jordan, Moet, Puma, Champs Sports, Jim Beam, Macys


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