St. Patrick's Eve with Jameson

St. Patrick’s Eve with Jameson


In an innovative twist on traditional celebrations, Jameson unveiled its inaugural St. Patrick’s Eve event, ingeniously circumventing the Leap Year’s scheduling quirk that displaced St. Patrick’s Day from its coveted Saturday slot. This festive occasion, marked by an array of green-themed festivities, took place at the vibrant Beast & Butterflies venue within the M Social hotel in the heart of Times Square. The event attracted a diverse crowd, including celebrities, influencers, industry insiders, and VIPs, all eager to partake in the revelry.

Jameson’s clever response to the Leap Year dilemma was to establish St. Patrick’s Eve on Saturday, March 16, ensuring that the festive spirit remained unbroken. The brand enlisted the comedic talents of Colin Jost and Michael Che (our faves), who played pivotal roles in promoting this new, unofficial holiday.

The evening’s entertainment commenced with an engaging set by DJ Jus Ske, setting the tone with an eclectic mix of tunes. Attendees were treated to an array of themed appetizers and indulged in Jameson Irish Whiskey’s signature cocktails, including the debut of the Jameson RTD Orange Spritz. A highlight of the event was the innovative ‘rock drop,’ a playful nod to the iconic Times Square Ball drop, which was reimagined to celebrate Jameson’s St. Patrick’s Eve. This unique spectacle, viewed from the venue’s expansive patio, was timed to coincide with midnight in Ireland, symbolically linking the celebration across continents.

The momentum continued with an animated performance by the full band led by Anderson Paak. This exceptional event drew a notable guest list, including a mix of celebrities from the entertainment and fashion industries, as well as familiar faces from television and music. Among the attendees were Michael Che, Colin Jost, Anderson .Paak, Maxwell, DJ Jus Ske, and actors from popular television series and movies, all showcasing their green-themed attire and exclusive Jameson bomber jackets. The gathering at Beast & Butterflies exemplified a communal spirit, with participants uniting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Eve in grand style, embodying Jameson’s ethos of not letting anything, not even a Leap Year, dampen the spirit of a good celebration.

Photos by Startraks/Michael Simon

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