Sunset Beach – A Curated Evening with Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung

Sunset Beach - A Curated Evening with Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung

On the evening of Wednesday, August 16th, the sun-drenched shores of Sunset Beach transformed into the place to be, curated G.H.Mumm Champagne. The distinguished label, which has symbolized triumph since 1827, put together an exclusive sunset champagne-tasting event that capped off a busy summer. Hosted by our favorites Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung, the affair brought together a blend of Summer’s zestful champagne with an innovative selection of contemporary bites. The event unfolded on the enchanting garden patio, providing a picturesque setting for those in attendance.

Celebrities and social media influencers graced the exclusive event, including notable names such as Izzy Metz, Bella Banos, Kailyn Shepherd, Sergio Farias, Carson Light, Cole Combas, Em Marie, Faith Harpet, Joe Floww, Young Paris, Justice Carradine, Kate Helming, Kelsey Elliott, Julian Perry, Megha Bajaj, Maggie McCormick, Sarah Hemrick, Tommy Ros, Victoria Casalino, and a host of others. The intimate cocktail affair, held in the heart of the Hamptons, specifically at the renowned Sunset Beach on Shelter Island, provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of mingling and indulgence.

Delicacies from the culinary offerings of Sunset Beach took center stage, treating attendees to an array of delectable delights. Oysters, meticulously prepared seafood and sashimi creations, custom-crafted desserts, and exquisite caviar filled the menu, delighting the palates of the guests in attendance.Beyond marking life’s significant milestones, G.H.Mumm Champagne has carved its niche as the champagne of choice for reveling in the simple joys of existence, whether it’s savoring a gorgeous Wednesday, relishing the company of like minds, delighting in exceptional (truly) cuisine, or soaking in illustrious views.

Photos by Rob Rich

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