Tekken 8 in 2024?

Tekken 8 in 2024?

There are very few fighting games that I can stomach after a few iterations. I stopped playing Mortal Kombat over a decade ago, but I will always have a soft spot for Tekken. After the fun that was Tekken 7 (which came out in 2015!), it looks like we might have some idea when Tekken 8 will release. After the announcement last September, and then a breakdown of the gameplay in February, there are a few hints to point towards an early 2024 release.

Although a leaker (who we won’t name) supposedly stated a Q1 drop for the long awaited game, we have yet to hear reliable information to pertain to an exact date. In an investor meeting, there was a very guarded response in terms of release, with Bandai Namco mentioned working on titles from the Tekken series during the fiscal year, it’s clear that this likely encompasses the eighth iteration of the series.

Despite the official website not revealing a particular release date, it provides a detailed look at some of the characters anticipated to be included in the game at launch. Given that the current fiscal year is drawing to a close, we can expect Bandai Namco to share more details about their upcoming fighting game shortly.

Adding to the excitement, the website reveals that Tekken 8 will center around a face-off between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, two of the franchise’s most prominent characters.

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