Is Apple Losing It’s Touch Or Are We Overreacting?

Is Apple Losing It's Touch Or Are We Overreacting?

As people we often go with the trend when it comes to the latest and greatest merchandise. This can be because we tend to lean on said product due to convenience and familiarity, or just to say we have the latest status symbol. At times  the excitement and theatrics can cloud our ability to see whether we are receiving the greatest product  and the greatest value at that moment. This seems to be something that is becoming a common recurrence. I am wondering when will we ever recognize what things are actually worth and how they stack up to expectations. Apple’s latest generation of releases is seeming to be many things to many people.

We have arrived to that time of year when Apple once again shakes and shocks the masses with their new creations. On September 12th, Apple announced both iPhone 8 and iPhone X. As usual this announcement took the web by storm; comments and reviews up and down our feeds almost instantly. But this launch doesn’t seem to be all roses and fanfare. There has been some backlash due to price point, few groundbreaking features, and reality verses general expectations. All of this got me thinking. Obviously Apple will always be have its loyal following, but did this launch really live up to the legacy of the company? Do they actually represent the late Steve Jobs, and would this have been the direction he would have taken?

Price point is always a good way to start. The iPhone 8 has been released at the starting price of $699.99 while the 8 plus has been release at the price of $799.99. These are definite price increases over both their predecessors. Analyzing this increase with feedback from the user’s view, the consensus is it’s quite inconvenient. It has been argued the increase is just the cost of doing business with the changes to the hardware. But, stepping into the business aspect of things this may be very risky. Apples top competitor (Samsung) currently has it’s latest phones at three set prices, which are  $719.99, $839.99 and $959.99. Generally price alone has made it a rough comparison between the flagships. We went for it anyway and after doing so, both models have their benefits. Let’s point out the first obvious technological difference; the screen display. All three devices produced by Samsung have a full LED display, while only one of the three devices from Apple have a full LED display. Similar talks in camera, battery, and other software features have been a topic as well. For a lot the slight differences have been a key part to harp on. Is it because of expectations, or plain disappointment? Surprisingly it’d been a mix if both with this roll out from what we hear.

But let us transition to the star of the Apple launch; the iPhone X. The “X”, which represents Apple’s 10 year anniversary, seems to be the choice model for most, and may truly give that experience Apple once gave consumers. It is nothing to laugh at either. The “X” is packed with a  full LED screen, upgraded camera features, an edge to edge screen, removal of the home button, a facial recognition scanner, wireless charging (which is also present on the 8 and 8+), and a whole lot more. Some feel these changes are minor compared to the changes made by certain competitors. We are still on the fence if this launch has done enough for Apple to keep the crown. Do you think this was a progressive step forward in the road map of things? Regardless, Apple will always be a juggernaut that will yield good and bad chatter. To say the least some of us here will definitely be pre-ordering today.

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