Top 5 Affordable Sweatsuits for this Winter

With winter quickly approaching and living on the east coast you need to be prepared. Three things that stand out the most when purchasing that frigid weather wear are comfort, style, and affordability. As I coast through the streets of Manhattan I see people bundled up after this drastic drop in temperature over the past few weeks. It all seemed to happen overnight. That blend … Continue reading Top 5 Affordable Sweatsuits for this Winter

Plenty of Fenty

Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna. Where do we start with the astonishing public figure we all seem to be in love with? Ever since she stepped her million dollar legs into the industry, it has been nothing but evolution. From being the young Bajan Rude Gyal’ to being an edgy business woman, RiRi has been the ideal definition of the term leveling up. Her iconic career will definitely go down … Continue reading Plenty of Fenty

Is Apple Losing It’s Touch Or Are We Overreacting?

As people we often go with the trend when it comes to the latest and greatest merchandise. This can be because we tend to lean on said product due to convenience and familiarity, or just to say we have the latest status symbol. At times  the excitement and theatrics can cloud our ability to see whether we are receiving the greatest product  and the greatest … Continue reading Is Apple Losing It’s Touch Or Are We Overreacting?

Broken Heart: A Real Disease?

In short, absolutely. Scared? You probably should be. Just when you thought you needed another reason to be careful in today’s dating environment. There is an actual “broken heart syndrome” called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (or heart muscle failure) that is far more common in women and is an actual medical syndrome well described in the medical literature and recognized by the American Heart Association. “Takotsubo” is … Continue reading Broken Heart: A Real Disease?