Why Drake Is The Best Boyfriend


I have a confession: I’m kind of obsessed with Drake.

With his romantic lyrics that glorify the women in his life, his funny/relatable personality and countless other reasons, Drizzy continues to make it easier and easier to want to be his woman. Take a minute and imagine what it’d be like to spend your days and nights in Toronto making beautiful, romantic memories.

I know what you’re thinking: “It may not be the best decision to date an infamously emotional artist who’s an expert in turning the deepest secrets of his relationships into song lyrics and hit singles.” I totally thought about that too, but still, if being romantically involved with Aubrey Graham were wrong, why would anyone want to be right?

Here are 7 reasons that will surely persuade you, if you aren’t convinced yet, why Drake would make the best boyfriend.

 He’s sensitive, emotional and a hopeless romantic:

Everyone woman loves a man who listens. But more importantly, we all love the man who tells us exactly how he’s feeling and is not ashamed to show us off, tell his boys he’s in love and proud and definitely let his family know how much we mean to him. Drake is the prime example of an emotional romantic who is willing to go above and beyond to show his lady he loves her and is proud of her.

He would defend/protect you:

Although Drake’s name hasn’t been one that it is constantly in the tabloids for outrageous actions every weekend, he hasn’t been completely shy of controversy either.  Remember back in 2012 when he and Chris Brown battled it out in a nightclub in NYC? Yep, that was over his rumored boo at the time, Rihanna. So although Drake is sensitive and smooth, he can also handle his own since he was left unharmed and Brown was injured in the fight. “I’m not confrontational, but if someone challenges, I’m not going to back down,” Drake added in an interview back in 2012 when he opened up about the fight.

Who doesn’t love a man who can make a woman feel safe?

He likes kids, and they like him back:

Drake is always blessing his Instagram followers with adorable photos of him and his OVO crew’s beautiful children, and we love every single moment of it. I’m just taking a wild guess here but judging from the huge smiles and hugs they give back, the kiddies love him just as much as he loves them. So let’s be real here, Drake will basically be the best father all of all time.

He loves a woman who dresses up:

Devil in a tight dress girl you a killer, and ain’t nobody realer.” We all remember this little verse Drake, personally, sang to each one of us in Fancy, where he reassured us how wonderful we look in our dresses and heels. I don’t think there’s really much else left to say here besides, do it up girls, work that dress and be confident at all times – Drake is watching.

He also loves a woman who can chill with her hair tied, sweat pants and no make-up on:

I think the one-thing girls look forward to more than dressing up, is not dressing up.  Sometimes we all need those days where we lay out on the couch, barely brush our hair and wear over-sized sweat pants until we are absolutely forced to change into something else; basically we look like a dude. But having someone by your side that sees you at your most vulnerable (aka ugly) moments, yet still sees you as beautiful and angelic; well that is just true love and Drake is a sucker for no makeup and a pair of big-ol sweats. So this is a win/win situation here, ladies.

He loves his family:

In almost every song, music video or interview we hear/see how much Drake lovesssssssss his family and how he enjoys taking care of them even though “there ain’t no envelopes to open, he just does it ‘cause he’s supposed to.” If family is important to you, this guy is your ultimate future hubby. Chances are he’ll love your family too! Then you guys can be one big happy family and can even have a family of your own, you know since he loves kids and all. They can be your little Trophies, Trophies…

 He hates sleeping alone:

Cuddling. That’s all that needs to be said here.

Ha, totally kidding there’s more! We all may not be the “snuggle up really close until we fall asleep,” type. Many people still love cuddling with their loved one, but instead like to cuddle for a while and then fall asleep on their own sides of the bed, because knowing the person you love is right next to you while you sleep is one of the best feelings ever, you look forward to waking up next to them. And as Drake has put it before, “I just hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone.”

So whether Drake’s next girlfriend is going to be me, you, or another woman (or me), his future lady (aka me) is sure to be one lucky gal. With all of those fantastic traits listed above plus many, many more, what could go wrong?

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