The-The The Mayor

The-The The Mayor

Before we start quick nod to Pac Div!

Have you ever met,  or felt like you were that kid that had a mind full of ideas to bring to world?  I’m pretty sure we all have came across such a thing in our daily journey. ABC has taken this simple premise and created an enticing new series; The Mayor. The name and network could lead you to believe the show could be a suspenseful political drama; but I’m here to tell you , that’s far from the case. While the show does include a young aspiring rapper assuming the role of a mayor, it springs forth a different message to society, especially the black community, while adding a dab of humor on top. For those of you who weren’t able to catch the premiere, definitely check it out on the ABC app or On Demand, and make sure to tune in going forward. The show contains quality  humor, some empowering morals, and an undertone of many issues we face in our communities.

To give you a little more insight, The Mayor revolves around Courtney Rose (the aspiring rapper) who has a ridiculous but captivating idea to run for Mayor of his city in California while also hoping to promote his rap career. In doing so Courtney indirectly shows the community that his raw yet genuine personality is needed to benefit the community. With the help of family, friends, and the community, Courtney faces the task of transforming his hometown from what it is into a place he can truly be proud of. This whole concept is unique to what we’re used to television nowadays.The components and dynamic of the series make it easy to relate to for array of viewers.  The potential character growth will be something that hits home for a lot of the audience.
Based on the premiere, this series has a lot of  potential to be one of the next sitcoms you fall in love with. Touching different age groups and races will serve as a key point to many of its viewers. This seems to be another name added to the lengthening list for ABC as they continue to put out quality material for their viewers. Take time to check out The Mayor on ABC on Wednesdays at 9:30 pm (EDT), you won’t regret it.


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