From the moment they were announced it’s been no secret that the Adidas FUTURECRAFT 4D is going to be a must have. For those lucky enough to be residing in the NYC area, you will be some of the first to get your hands on these. Blending meticulous crafting with new innovation like 3D printing has made the FUTURECRAFT 4D a must see at minimum. The FUTURECRAFT 4D arrives February 10th at the Adidas Global Flagship store in New York. I know some of you are thinking, normally a major launch in NYC equals a frenzy. However Adidas has rolled out a new system that is set to make the whole process less hectic.

From February 5th at 12pm EST to the 7th, Adidas has opened up their app to streamline the purchasing process. The Adidas app will now have a reservation process similar to the Confirmed experience. This is all with hopes of improving the local and in store buying process. The hopes are literally no more lengthy lines, no waiting in poor weather conditions, and avoiding crowds, which all seem to be positives to me. I actually think New York may be a market where this service is most beneficial. Highly hyped sneaker releases have a history of going left in New York. That’s been something that has happened since I was a kid falling in love with the shoe game. So if someone is focusing on a better way to purchase, and it being a smoother more convenient means, I am entirely here for it.

There is still time to download and try to secure your pair now, so we definitely recommend that you act swiftly. Now if you are completely out of the loop we encourage you to take some time to get familiar with the FUTURECRAFT 4D. We expect some very happy people leaving the Adidas NYC Flagship on the 10th. We have included some details on the FUTURECRAFT 4D from Adidas here and here. Good luck everyone, tag SOCIAL if you are lucky enough to cop.

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