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The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond has been getting some well deserved shine since its release last month. Even prior to its global release we had heard phenomenal things on the silhouette prior to launch. With the workout and fitness experience ever changing and evolving the AlphaBOUNCE is truly worth the hype we heard. After getting these in hand and getting a time to fully digest the silhouette, it truly is something special. Adidas gave us a shoe designed for running with great emphasis on training and explosion. If fitness is evolving, why shouldn’t our footwear evolve as well? With workouts now consisting of such versatile regiments it seems only right that our shoes perform the same way.

The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond is runner designed for athletes looking to push things to the next level in their desired sports. This is definitely something new. With their “Run the Game” campaign Adidas has accentuated how important running is to obtaining the necessary results to remain elite. The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond blends Engineered Mesh with a full length BOUNCE midsole. This made our performance test a true joy as we put the shoes to action. Lightweight yet great support, with the toe to toe BOUNCE midsole really shine as you get into heart of your routine. We tested them through short bursts and quick cuts to agile impact based movements, and the shoes seemed to only feel better. A huge thing for me can be grip when working out. I either feel like this is no support or that I am locked to the ground during initial wears. This did not happen with the AlphaBOUNCE Beyond . Adidas touts that the silhouette is ready for any and all conditions of your routine, whether it be an indoor or outdoor regiment. That’s something we felt was huge being that we all agree and choose different shoes depending on the circumstances of the workout. It was said that certain shoes were preferred for lifting, certain for high intensity cardio, certain for outdoor, certain for sprints and cuts. The consensus was that they AlphaBOUNCE Beyond may very well be the most balanced shoe we have come across that gave us a well rounded quality experience.

Adidas has done some impressive work with this release and it’s campaign. The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond is currently available in a gray and black colorway and a white colorway. There are more colors set to release soon and we have also heard of a potential MiAdidas variation coming in the future as well. We definitely feel this one you should definitely be checking out. The shoe looks, feels and performs well and is truly a refreshing step into the future and we are excited to see how it all plays out.

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