Roland Reznik – Tech To Help Others

Roland Reznik - Tech To Help Others

Roland Reznik, founder and Chief Executive Officer of KD Smart Chair, is a true entrepreneur with his various enterprises under his belt. However, his accredited success is not to be overshadowed by his true passion for improving the lives of others. As the innovator behind perfecting the world’s most technologically progressive electric wheelchair, Roland is seeing his mission carried out. This contemporary version is of course a reinvention of one of the greatest solutions for individual’s living with disabilities in the 21st century. Only now, with breakthrough technology, wheelchairs are taking over and helping to enrich the lives of people who suffer with these extreme daily challenges. It seems only logical to finally put these advancements to good use. Smart TV’s, smart phones, and now smart wheelchairs provide the convenient and efficient ways which lead to luxury performance and assistance for individuals living with ailing conditions.

According to US Census Bureau, there are approximately 3 million wheelchair users in America and that number is growing every year. It is estimated that there are about 2 million new wheelchair users every year with expected $3.9 billion market growth by 2018 in the power wheelchair industry. Having family members in the medical field, Mr. Reznik saw the need to improve the heavy bulky traditional wheelchairs and make them lighter, more durable and having the ability to make them more compact. What he and his team of engineers came up with is KD Smart Chair. A lightweight, foldable power wheelchair that weighs only 50 pounds and can be used for travel with passengers weight support of 265 pounds. “I get daily emails and phone calls from our customers saying how grateful they are for our smart chair. This is what makes me get up in the morning knowing that I am helping people and improve lives of those who need assistance”, says Roland Reznik.

This top quality, high performance chair is being cited as, “The Smart Choice for Mobility.” Made from durable aluminum alloy, the KD Smart Chair is the most convenient, chic, and portable mobility device leading the industry. It can be foldable in seconds for easy storage, transported in your car or SUV and can be used for travel. This unconventional, yet cutting edge piece of machinery allows people who live with disabilities to maintain traditional advantages with the optimal benefits that many of individuals take for granted.

Features of KD Smart Chair

Features of KD Smart Chair

Roland was cautious to ensure several prototypes had been developed and tested before the release of this game changer into the marketplace. Offering adjustable speeds of up to 5 miles per hour with traveling distance of 15 miles on full Lithium-ion battery, complete mobility, and customized accessories, all helped to skyrocket the chair into mainstream popularity for individuals not looking to drastically alter their lifestyle. The launch of this line of chairs has been nothing less than catastrophic to the home medical equipment industry. KD Smart Chair is the original 50-pound lightweight foldable power chair and is the only one with solidified FDA approval. Since the success story has emerged, many copycats have attempted to claim the elite title but all this does is solidify the brand’s untouchable and stand out level of achievement.

Currently, KD Smart Chair is the leader in the lightweight power wheelchair market as it has been created with integrity and opulence in mind and among the highest satisfaction and highest reviews from consumers. Using KD Smart Chair, people with disabilities can obtain high standards of living by any individual given the opportunity which Roland is liberating. For Roland, this was not just a family venture. It was crucial to produce this line of electric wheelchairs in a way that made them available for the masses and help improve the lives of people with disabilities.

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