LAFW: The Best Of The Best

LAFW: The Best Of The Best

Now that Los Angeles Fashion week has come to an end, its time to recap and discuss all the amazing fashions that were shown and pushed down the runway!


After the Sue Wong show in the beginning of the week on Monday October, 6th, I couldn’t wait to recap that amazing show and make sure all our readers understood exactly what took place, but none the less for all the other designers that showed amazing garments during the remainder of the week. Now its time for me to dissect and recap all of my favorite designers for you guys in small articles in order not to overwhelm you! Hopefully you will check these extremely talented Los Angeles based designers out and get as inspired as I was and still am!

Gregorio Sanchez





Sanchez followed Sue Wong’s presentation on Monday tonight. You may think it would be hard to follow such an amazing show, but Gregorio Sanchez made sure to keep things up beat and the crowd going! His garment took on a very vibrant, sorta of Cuban style. Sanchez featured a lot of high waisted, fitted pencil skirts with full sleeved blouses tucked in. He played a lot with colors whether it was bright floral appliques on top of a solid black pencil skirt or my favorite was a vibrant tangerine colored duster that he again added colorful floral to the front panel and paired this with a really fun black and white checkered silk pant. His entire collection consisted of this black and white checkered pattern that he manipulated into shorts, pants, and skirts. His models came down the runway wearing 7in. rhinestoned, platformed stilettos that tied around the ankle. These were great accents to the fun colors that he transitioned throughout his show. To sum everything up, Gregorio Sanchez’s show reminded me of drinks after 5p.m. within the Cuban shopping centers. There’s color, there’s sass, there’s patterns and there are florals. The only thing that I was missing during this show was a nice cold Pina Colada!

House of Li-Jon
Sculptured Couture





Later that night, a true artist and innovative designer showed her talent and drive with garments completely crafted out of small metal rings. Designer Lia Mira creations are extremely one of a kind. They are all hand crafted chainmail like pieces that will literally leave you wondering how on earth can someone create something of the sort and exactly how long does it take to create just one piece! Her show consisted of amazing short party dresses, skirts with matching tanks and even a few men short sleeved tops and ties, all constructed out of small metal rings that are plied together. She took a few of her designs to the next level by adorning them with crystals and chainmail fringe that hung across the top of the models as tops and swung so beautifully as they graced the runway. One of my favorite looks was an all silver halter top that was put together with silver rings and crystals, Lia Mira styled this top with a leather mini skirt and black pumps. The entire collection was quite a sight to see and what really stunned me was the craftsmanship that went into fitting each piece and constructing low backs, twists and cut outs all while using little metal rings are a tempera.

Betsy Johnson 50th Anniversary Collection

A name that we all know and love, Los Angeles’ Fashion Week did a small scale presentation of Betsy’s creations throughout her design career. With a 6-piece presentation within the lobby of the beautiful Taglyan Complex, fashion week attendees could walk in and take pictures and look at Johnson’s amazing creations during her design career. The presentation started with her 80’s designs with a mannequin dressed in a full metallic gold tutu skirt layered with a pink strapless, ruffled lace dress that was again, on top of a teal sequined top. This then took us into a more 90’s look with a vintage floral jumpsuit layered with a a gold corset. The next look was a little more edgy and dark with a Betsy Johnson iconic spider print knit skirt with a transparent motto style jacket with black zippers and detailing. Her following looks were a little more mod, with mini dresses, cardigans and polka dots. The last look was a really fun and up to date two piece. A pastel pink outfit with full sleeves and black piping. All together, the looks were right on point and held up to the name of Betsy Johnson. I was sad to not actually get the chance to meet the lovely lady herself but seeing her garments up close and in person was a delight on it’s own!

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