Body Armor – Superior Hydration

Many companies and products often boast about the quality and innovation their products bring. They often claim to be the best-new-cutting edge product in their respective markets, and frankly a lot of them don’t live up to the hype. With BODYARMOR that’s not the case. A few weeks back we were lucky enough to receive a variety of their flavors to create this piece. We … Continue reading Body Armor – Superior Hydration

Ten Years Later: 808’s & Heartbreak

Next month marks ten years since the release of 808’s & Heartbreak. With so much of what’s going on with Kanye now, we often hear of a desire for the “Old Kanye”. With that said I feel it’s only right we speak on one of his most controversial albums. 808’s is still a very hit or miss project for many fans. Some people really enjoy … Continue reading Ten Years Later: 808’s & Heartbreak

Authorized Personnel Only: Watch Out For Fakes

With the holidays coming up, and a recent Yeezy release and another on the horizon, its officially oop szn. Oop szn is probably my least favorite time of year honestly. Constant phone calls, DMs, and texts from friends, relatives, and acquaintances asking for help on the recent or coming drop. Speaking of the calls, I recently got a call from a friend that hit me … Continue reading Authorized Personnel Only: Watch Out For Fakes

Uncle Drew: Your Funky Uncle Returns

As a Jersey native I have to pay homage to two of my fellow NJ greats that are responsible for the title of my latest article. For those that missed the reference google and listen to the song “Funky Uncles”. But aside from the title and that reference this article has nothing to do with Reggie Noble. This article is about the starting point guard … Continue reading Uncle Drew: Your Funky Uncle Returns

7 Twists On Classic Holiday Foods

Food is a central part to any holiday celebration, but after having the same recipe for the fifth or sixth time, even beloved dishes can feel bland and boring. This year, spice up traditional fare with a few unique twists guaranteed to have guests raving. Mushrooms give earthy appeal to stuffing The golden turkey or glazed ham is the star of the show at most … Continue reading 7 Twists On Classic Holiday Foods

Back To The Fresh: Sneakerheads in Popular Culture

his past week marked the notorious back to the future day. The infamous day that Marty Mcfly went into the future in Back to the Future II was this past Wednesday. It was highly hoped, hyped, and expected that power-lacing Nike Air Mags would be released on the anniversary date; but that never happened. This flash back got me to thinking about sneakers in pop … Continue reading Back To The Fresh: Sneakerheads in Popular Culture

Subway Dance-Off lead by Kendall Jenner

At 19 years old Kendall Jenner is already one of the most sought out models in the industry.  But, did you know she can dance? In anticipation for the hotly-anticipated Balmain X H&M collaboration launching November 5th, Kendall, with her Balmain crew take over the subway for an intense dance battle.  Dressed head to toe in the Balmain collaboration pieces, Kendall sets the stage by walking … Continue reading Subway Dance-Off lead by Kendall Jenner

Avoiding A Low Salt Diet

Salt, or sodium chloride, is essential for life. In fact, no mineral is more essential to human survival than sodium because it allows nerves to send and receive electrical impulses, helps your muscles stay strong, and keeps your cells and brain functioning. However, sodium chloride (salt) is a nutrient that the body cannot produce, and therefore it must be eaten. The average American eats about … Continue reading Avoiding A Low Salt Diet