Fresh Air”ness”

Fresh Air”ness”

Who doesn’t love a classic? When something truly sets itself in stone we will always find an appreciation for it. That goes for all things, a movie, a song, style, and definitely applies itself in sneakers. Jordan Brand has been arguably at the center of “The Classic” as far as the sneaker world goes. In their vaults are some of the most highly touted and coveted silhouettes to ever be worn, and over the years we’ve gotten some of those gems re-released as different Retro variations. Here is where the game gets a little tricky though. Depending on the era of who you’re speaking with the reception to these Retros can change. Some groups are glad to see them back. Another group seems always eager to compare them to the pairs of the past. And, we will also get a handful of people that are thinking “Again?”. This is just the cycle of the relaunch and reaction to some of the classics we’ve all grew up on and came to love. Honestly, whatever your stance is on the matter, it’s all fine. These “OG” colorways and pairs will make new memories for new people, and will continue to sell out on Saturday mornings. But, what happens to everything that’s not an OG colorway? Do they receive the same praise as the older pairs?

So, to kick things off there a few conversations I had today that really got me into thought regarding this piece. Before I dive in on new spins on older shoes, I want to explain a simple practice Jordan Brand has had in the past. Normally in the past what would happen would be, a certain shoe would be the shoe they focused on for that year. With this process throughout the year we would get a variety of themes and colors on a said model. The reason I bring this up is earlier today I saw an IG story with someone picking up the Stealth Pink Jordan V from 2006. I felt it only right to compliment the pickup, which led to me explaining that the V is in my top three Jordan models of all time. I also ended up speaking on why that 2006 to 2008 timeframe was my favorite for the Jordan V. In that time we got fresh new takes on the classic silhouette that really brought out different takes on the shoe. In 2006 we got “LS” renditions of the shoe which consisted of two of the greatest Jordan V’s of all time. The “Olive” and “Port Wine” V’s sit in a class of their own. Still some of the most coveted pairs. They were influential, refreshing, and always caught the eyes of anyone who saw you in them. It isn’t so often that one of the “Non-OG” pairs are put on an undisputed pedestal and appreciated by nearly everyone. But, when it happens it’s always good, always refreshing, and always appreciated. These reason I bring up this conversation, is it may be happening again.

Another conversation I had today is what has me feeling like we may be sitting in one of those moments right now. Earlier today I briefly spoke with Frank Cooker. If you are unfamiliar with Frank I suggest you do your research, as he is one of the premier faces on the Jordan Brand team. His passion for what he does, people, and the sneaker culture is always evident, and honestly has played a big part in of a lot of the dopest releases in recent years. Right now he is doing more of the same. He spoke on his excitement around an upcoming pack from Jordan Brand on what’s considered a “sleeper” silhouette by most. Jordan is releasing a Jordan 11 IE pack that has honestly shocked a lot of people, including myself. I say this respectfully as someone who happily still has a pair of “Argon Blue” IE’s in his collection. They aren’t considered a heavy fan favorite by many. Frank actually loves that, and sees something in the silhouette many didn’t. The IE pack will release in Volt, Flash Crimson, and Rio Teal, which definitely take the shoe to different spaces and new heights. The choice of a solid color throughout the shoe and the bright colors work perfectly with the elephant print. Frank set the internet ablaze in the Flash Crimson pair last week, which he set free for a lucky New Yorker as well. The Volt, and Rio Teal photos have surfaced too and he has every right to hyped about this upcoming launch.

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This is a fresh take on an unexpected choice of shoe, and it is a perfect execution. I will be looking to get my hands on the entire Pack as I am sure you will be too. I have a feeling they will be sought after so be prepared. We will keep you updated on the launch and any additional information we get.

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