Ego Boosts

Ego Boosts

We on the style side of the culture easily forget how much technology goes into sneakers; and only focus on the aesthetics of the shoes. A lot of the technical enhancements are geared towards the athletes and are later adopted by us for everyday life. The most iconic techs that are immediately associated with their brands are the Zoom by Nike, and the Pump by Reebook. Those brands have not only created infamous tech for their products but they have also marketed around those innovations to pretty much make them household names. Adidas stepped into that realm in the past year with their Boost technology.

Boost may be Adidas’ cemented staple going forward. The technology is extremely intuitive and cutting edge, not just for Adidas, but for any of the brands. Adidas Boost was easily the most popular tech of 2015 and mainly for two reasons. The first reason is its insertion in to the Yeezy line. That was the marketing side of it honestly. With Boost being attached to the line of one of the most influential people in the entertainment industry is the ideal outcome for Adidas. The second reason goes towards its arguably most prevalent Boost model. The Adidas UltraBoost is simply touted as the most comfortable shoe ever. Not most comfortable now, or most comfortable in awhile; but the most comfortable shoe ever, like as in all time. That isn’t even a claim from Adidas, these are the words of tastemakers that have worn the shoe, which is all you could ask for as a brand with a new product.

Adidas is smart though, and realized that they may very well have struck gold with this. They initially provided this tech innovation to shoes across the board. Touching style designs, running shoes, and basketball sneakers. Recently they have expanded that from those to their higher fashion partners introducing and Y-3 boost model in the latter part of last year. But, Adidas is still yet to stop there. They recently adopted the Boost tech to classic silhouettes that have re-released as a refresh of what made them iconic with what will continue their prominence in the future.

Honestly I was highly impressed with Boost run of the past year. I also look forward to what they do what the next and if or how it can be taken to the next level. We saw glimpses of this thus far with the NMD model. I suggest you get a pair as soon as you can, I guarantee they will no disappoint from a style and comfort standpoint. Which leads to the question, what more could you ask for in a shoe?

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