Oakley Harmony Fade

Oakley Harmony Fade

With the upcoming Olympic Winter Games, Oakley is releasing a new collection that will be sure to catch many eyes and garner a lot of deserved attention. All team Oakley athletes will be sporting the new Harmony Fade collection during the upcoming games. What makes the collection most unique in our eyes is what inspired its inception. The Harmony Fade Collection was made in commemoration of the passage taken by Oakley’s athletes to reach the highest levels of competition. You know we are suckers for symbolism and Oakley has nailed it with this collection.

Oakley Harmony Fade

The Harmony Fade Collection takes that inspiration and looks to align it with future generations of athletes, which is always crucial to progression and innovation. Beyond the story behind Harmony Fade, Oakley has fitted the collection with their Prizm Lens Technology which has definitely peaked our interest. For those unfamiliar, Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology is arguably one of their most refined crafts. Oakley touts literal “Decades of Research” have gone into the process of creating and refining Prizm Lens. It heightens the entire visual experience when used, improving sight far beyond what can naturally be seen by the eye. Chloe Kim, Mikaela Shiffrin, and Stale Sandbech look to headline the launch and games for Oakley. Sandbech and Oakley have actually just released their video showing how dedicated he is to perfecting his abilities, and we are truly excited to see the athletes and collection in action in the upcoming games.


The Harmony Fade Collection will be available in both snow goggles and performance eyewear. The goggles include models: Line Miner XM, Fall Line, Line Miner, Flight Deck XM, Flight Deck, Airbrake XL and Canopy. The sun glasses will consist of: Wind Jacket 2.0, Jawbreaker™, EVZero™ Path, Radar® EV Path™ and Flak® 2.0 X. The collection will be available through Oakley’s stores and website, as well as select retailers.

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