A Drinking Man’s Game: 1921 Tequila

A Drinking Man's Game: 1921 Tequila

Happy New Year! The last part of the holiday season is what I normally refer to as the Christmas rollover. It’s the part of the season when people are still saying Merry Christmas but it’s 3 days later. We also are normally waiting for the new year, so people are also wishing each other a Happy New Year. As awkward as it can be, I always enjoy how festive everyone becomes more pleasant because it helps me believe there’s still some decent folks left in the world. I’ve become a bit of a curmudgeon myself during the holidays, but this past year I found myself more engaged. I even wore snowflake embroidered socks as I sat and prepared my year end festivities. That week I wanted to pick a spirit that I believe was probably the most festive in the world. I wanted to choose a spirit that everyone could identify as being a go-to during times of celebration. Without second guessing, Tequila was my year end spirit choice.

What I love about Tequila is that it’s always a game-changer! Think about that point of the evening when someone makes the suggestion to take shots of Tequila. At that point, the night is either going to take a turn for the best or the worst, but regardless it’s going to be interesting. Obviously, being the responsible drinkers that we are, we always look to avoid the latter. With New Year’s being the second most popular party night of the year, I wanted to choose what I considered to be the best pairing spirit for the occasion. 1921 Tequila reminded me of a simpler place in time where I would be nonchalant about alcohol consumption.

If I could compare 1921 Tequila to any other brand of Tequila, I’d have to say that it is very comparable to Patron. With that being said, this tequila was definitely made the emphasis on quality. At $40 for the bottle, I made the purchase with the hopes that it wouldn’t disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised; it reminded me of other premium spirits similarly priced. I took quite a few shots and even prepared a margarita. Also, if you haven’t noticed I’ve started trying drink recipes and 1921 provides a couple cool drinks to give a try.

So let’s dive right into the experience portion. As mentioned I made a standard Margarita which was pretty refreshing. My wife made sure to try one as well and basically took the rest for herself after trying it. With the shots I wanted to give myself variety so I approached them from a bar style. I had lemon wedges, lime wedges, salt and sugar. I proceeded to try each wedge with a shot and salt and sugar. Through the four different alternatives I preferred the lemon with sugar and the lime with salt as it paired with the 1921. At this point I’m feeling rather good as music cascades through my home and the tastings are starting to take effect. That’s when I came up with a brilliant idea. Jello shots! Now normally I wouldn’t, but given the time of year I said “why not?” I scoured the cabinets and found Pineapple Jello of all flavors. So I went through the process and let them sit for a few hours. After some time it was time to sample my work, and I must say it was a sweet success. Those barely made it to New Years Eve.

If you’re looking for a quality spirit to properly celebrate with, stop and pick up a bottle of 1921 Tequila. Not only does it compete with those premium names you have always heard, but it also can be that brand of Tequila that will keep you partying throughout 2018.

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