Less Than Zer0

Less Than Zer0

Any opportunity I get to reference a dope 80’s movie I’m taking it. This article has literally nothing to do with the 1987 film staring Robert Downey Jr. This piece is about the reigning NBA MVP getting his first on court signature. Jordan Brand has recently announced that Russell Westbrook now has his own upcoming sneaker titled the “Why Not Zer0.1.” As the successor for the current face of the brand this seems to be only right. Russ’s ferocious play on court led to one of the most exciting NBA seasons we have seen in some time from a single player. I feel the timing is impeccable too. With OKC now having a Big 3, and the season Russ had last year, there will be a lot of TV-time and visibility. This gives the world a lot of time to get familiar with the new silhouette. I’m thinking on the PE’s already honestly, and can’t wait to see the reception of the new design.

Russ has stated:

“As a kid growing up in LA and standing in line to get other people’s shoes, you become aware of how fortunate you are to get sneakers,” he says. “To be able to sit here now and hold my own shoe is an honor.”

The shoe itself is what I really want to talk about. Early on I’ve gotten a lot of initial mixed feedback on the shoe. But, through conversations views have changed as it was talked out. For anyone that’s a die hard Jordan fan, or if you’ve been into shoes for some time the Why Not Zer0.1 reminds you of a blend between the Jordan NU Retro II and the Jordan XX2. For some at first thought that wasn’t so ground breaking of a blend, but after further review that’s huge. These are the parts where I say I appreciate the art and creation process that goes into sneakers the most. Feel how you feel about the Nu Retro II but the black and silver pair were fire. Same thing goes for the XX2 the OG colorway and the basketball leather pairs are still sitting clean in my collection to this day.

The Why Not Zer0.1 is nothing less than refreshing. Many Jordan fans have always compared the signature shoes of Jordan athletes to MJ’s signature line, and the perception is they don’t really compare. Now this has never been a conversation from a performance standpoint, but definitely something spoken on from a style standpoint. This honestly changes with this shoe from Russ. It appears to be a page taken directly from the MJ signature line with a new twist added onto it. That’s uncharted territory for Jordan Brand honestly. Regardless of all that, Russell Westbrook definitely has entered the group of solid first signature shoes and we are looking forward to seeing how the shoe does through the year.

The Why Not Zer0.1 drops January 15th in its first colorway.

See the full write up here via Nike.


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