Is Aaron Rodgers The Best QB Of 2014?


t’s about that time ladies and gentlemen. Yup! You guessed it. Debate time, where we football fans defend our opinions until we run out of breath, our faces turn bright red and there are no more stats to be spit. Get ready for a controversial conversation but first, let us all unite as we take in the numbers. Then we can determine which quarterback has the best performance in OUR time.

Super Bowl XLV. February 6, 2011. Mark this date to be known as the unleashing of the beast. On this day, Aaron Rodgers led his beloved Green Bay Packers to a victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers 31 to 25. Ever since then, Rodgers has been doing nothing but piling up yards to add to his career statistics. 2011 was his best season yet with 45 TDs, only 6 INTs, 310 yards per game and throwing for 4,643 yards with a QBR of 122.5.

Now in the midst of the 2014 season, his stats are beginning to look very similar to his “best season yet” stats. Rodgers leads the NFL in TDs with 32 of those things and only 3 INTs, averaging 277.1 yards per game. He is currently passing for 3,325 yards. Have I mentioned he hasn’t thrown a home INT in two years? Repeat. Aaron Rodgers has not thrown a pick at Lambeau Field since December 2, 2012. Discount double check!

I know what you’re thinking. No, I did not forget about the pretty boy QB of the New England Patriots. Let’s talk Brady. Tom Brady is just that guy that’s so good with such a perfect life that you start having a love-hate relationship with the man just because he’s so damn good. Crazy right? As if going to the Super Bowl twice in three years wasn’t enough. The guy had to win them too. Beginning of the season, Brady struggled the first few games. Sports analysts said his time has passed. He would like to disagree with 28 TDs, 6 INTs, averaging 270.2 yards per game and a QBR of 101.1. And just like that, the New England Patriots are first in the NFC East yet again. Someone give that man a high-five.

How could you forget Peyton Manning?! Easy. I didn’t. There is absolutely no way the NFL can debate “greatest QBs” and forget to mention Peyton Manning. From his goofy personality, entertaining commercials and longevity of greatness, deep down inside of every football fans’ heart, we’re rooting for Manning to get a second Super Bowl ring. What happened last year against the Seattle Seahawks was horrific but he seems to be getting over it just fine. How you may ask? You mean besides him passing for 3,737 yards with his 36 TDs, 9 INTs, 311.4 yards per game, and his QBR of 107.8? By leading his Denver Broncos to what may be another chance of going to the Super Bowl and leaving with a dub under their belts this time around. Omaha!

Three elite quarterbacks. All with 9-3 records. Each one leading their divisions. Numbers don’t lie. So tell me, who is the best quarterback of 2014?

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