Donatella Versace To Feature in a Givenchy Campaign

Donatella Versace To Feature in a Givenchy Campaign

Versace and Givenchy are two of the top designers in fashion today and when two designers as big as Donatella Versace and Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci can appreciate each other’s work and even collaborate, the result is beautiful. That’s why the news that Donatella Versace will feature in Givenchy’s fall 2015 campaign comes as extremely surprising yet welcome news. Some designers might be appalled to even think about working or modeling for an opposing label, but it is refreshing that these two powerhouse designers can come together and shows that a major fashion change may be upon us. Donatella follows in the steps of some major stars such as Kate Moss, Beyonce, Ciara, Madonna, Julia Roberts, and Naomi Campbell and she is sure to do amazing!
Donatella took to the official Versace Instagram page to share a photo from the campaign and captioned it: “I believe in breaking rules. Riccardo Tisci is extremely talented and above all my dear friend. We are family…I want to get rid of the old system, work together, support each other and make fashion a true global community”. In another photo posted a day later, she captioned it simply: “To family!”. Getting rid of this old system of sticking to your own label and not branching out to collaborate with another designer would be amazing not only for the designers, but for all consumers and fashion lovers. Imagine seeing a Chanel and Alexander Wang collaboration, a Marc Jacobs and Moschino line…The possibilities are endless!

On working with Donatella, Tisci excitedly said: “I approached my friend Donatella because she represents what a fashion icon is to me. We thought it was time to break boundaries and give a strong message about how to think fashion.” and also posted an Instagram shot captioned “Givenchy is proud to present the Iconic Donatella Versace…” Donatella’s signature heavy eyeliner and long blonde hair will pair perfectly with the edgy masculine silhouettes showcased in the Instagram sneak peeks. Their captions also show a different level of friendship in which they can work for opposing labels, but still appreciate the Kother. Donatella calls Tisci “extremely talented” and Tisci calls Donatella “iconic” which shows that friendship and competition can go hand in hand.

Another amazing fact to be noted: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the photographers for this momentous and rare designer collaboration, have also photographed for Versace and the stylist Carine Roitfeld has been featured in a Givenchy campaign. The designers are not only combining their own talent, they are combining their own photographers and stylists to add the cherry on top of this already amazing collaboration. This move follows another shocking move with Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Louboutin being among several other designers tapped to makeover the signature Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag as part of Louis Vuitton’s 160th anniversary celebration. With these major designers making moves to work with each other, what can be next? Will Riccardo Tisci star in the next Versace campaign? Will Tisci and Donatella collaborate on a whole Versace x Givenchy line? Only time will tell but fashionistas, get excited because it looks like multiple fashion barriers are about to be broken and doors will be open for future major designers to collaborate!

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