Where To Brunch: Carroll Place

If you find yourself in Greenwich village looking for somewhere to sit and enjoy brunch, Carroll Place on Bleecker should be at the top of your list. Brunch has shifted from a mid afternoon meal combining breakfast and lunch into a festive event merging bottomless drinks and the best of both mealtimes. What “LIV on Sunday, King of Diamonds Monday” is to Lil Wayne is what Sunday brunch at Carroll Place is to me and my girls. After spending Saturday night making memories out of shots and mixed drinks, an entree and bottomless mimosas is the only reason to get out of bed the next day.


Walking up Bleecker Street, you’ll hit two other brunch spots before reaching Carroll Place, Carroll’s for short. It’s a dimly lit, rustic, eatery with two levels of seating, a full bar, and gender-neutral bathrooms in the basement. The lighting keeps the ambiance mellowed out. I like to think they keep the lights low to cater to the large crowd of hungover patrons. Nonetheless, it’s a good vibe that sets the mood for an enjoyable dining experience. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays. Bottomless starts at $26 with a $3 surcharge for any of the burger options and $5 for steak and eggs. For drinks, you can choose from mimosas, sangria, or bloody marys. No pressure, though, feel free to change your drink of choice as the rounds go by. Depending on the size of the group, you’ll most likely be given a carafe or two for the table. With every visit to Carroll’s, our glasses were never empty. They’ll keep them coming for two hours so pace yourself.

The brunch menu has something for everyone in your party. You can choose from classic egg dishes like eggs benedict or spice things up with eggs in purgatory, eggs baked in a spicy tomato sauce with polenta. Between my four visits, I’ve had the Carroll Place burger, the pappardelle, the buon giorno pizza, and the steak and eggs. Of the entrees I’ve tried, first place definitely goes to the buon giorno pizza. It’s a thin crust covered with truffle cream, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, and speck then topped with a sunny side up egg. This pizza was my first and only encounter with speck. The flavors of the pizza meddled together very well making it a win for speck in my book. For sides and shareables, I highly recommend the meatballs in pomodoro and the bruschette are great for sharing. I almost turned down the bruschette; I expected loads of tomato on my bread. Instead, it was four pieces of thick grilled bread topped with a creamy ricotta and a drizzle of basil pesto.


The bottom line of every review is whether you’d go back for a second visit. In this case, I’m waiting for my college roommate to come back to the East Coast so we can make trip number 5. So yes, I’ll be going back and I think you should too.


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Where To Brunch: Carroll Place

If you find yourself in Greenwich village looking for somewhere to sit...
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