Vintage Flows: Unique Wine Dates for the Low

Vintage Flows: Unique Wine Dates for the Low

“Sippin’ on my vino
Got me cooler than Pacino
When DeNiro put together my real life it’s like CASINO
They should pay me for some B-roll
Takin’ G-strokes through the ghee-to
When rap-p-p-pid fire’s just a necessary evil”
-Jay-z, “Party Life”

Did you know that wine raises testosterone levels in men, more so than beer or hard liquor? And did you know wine increases blood flow to women’s erogenous zones, therefore heightening arousal and sensitivity? I think it’s safe to say that for most of us, nothing pairs with the right playlist like a glass or twp of wine. So whether you’re a novice or enthusiast like myself, here are some date ideas that are perfect for an intimate night with bae, or just right when you’re ready to take things to the next level with that new interest.

We all know the key to having a great date is not the amount of money you spend. It’s about the thought and time that goes into the experience. So here are 5 date ideas on how to go about it.

Winery Day Drinking: This is an easy one. Call up a local winery, make reservations and go. They are usually pretty inexpensive and always end up being a great time. My recommendation is to definitely surprise your significant other. Just let them enjoy the beautiful ride through the countryside as you make your way over. Usually, the vineyard will offer a cheese or fruit plate for your tasting which typically compliments what you will be tasting. You normally end up tasting multiple variations of wines offered there which is always a plus; and what I like is you always get the history of the winery. After experiencing everything the venue has to offer you are definitely going to want to make sure you invest in a bottle or two to take home.

Movie Theatre Wine Caper: Some of us are fine paying for wine at dine-in theaters, but there’s a cheaper way to “wining” your movie experience. Let me let you in on a secret, there’s this brand called Copa Di Vino that sells these little plastic cups of wine. There are some other brands that also share this model, but Copa is my favorite for sure. They’re very small and tend fit right in your jacket pocket or a decent sized purse. Sneak these into the theater, enjoy a romantic movie, and take movie night to living on the edge. I recommend pairing the Chardonnay with popcorn and the Cabernet with Raisinets. Thank me later.

Pizza Making Wine Tasting: It’s Friday night and you feel alright, so I say hit up your favorite local pizzeria and buy some dough. Go to the supermarket, grab some sauce, cheese, and whatever else you both enjoy on your pizza. Make sure to grab a red and a white wine as well. Doesn’t have to be too pricey either, pizza is actually very easy to pair. I would normally go Cantina Zaccagnini Pinot Grigio and a Petite Petit Syrah. Pour a couple of glasses, spread the dough, and get to building your masterpiece. If you don’t know what you’re doing, YouTube has never failed us. Set up the tablet or phone so you can watch together, and enjoy your pizza with love and some great wine.

Beach Bums and Boxed Wine: Around my parts, bringing glass on the beach is illegal. This is where the beauty of boxed wine comes into play! The thought of consuming boxed wine was so taboo once upon a time for wine drinkers, and in some circles it still is. However, I’ve found with technological advances wine in a box is far from what it once was. With that said, I recommend Black Box Wine. Take a few of these, some chips, sandwiches, and some fresh fruit and you are set. Lay out a blanket, queue something super relaxing and forget about everything. Just enjoy the scenery, food, wine, and your company.

Fast Food & Wine Frenzy: Hey, let’s say it as it is there a days when you just don’t feel like cooking. You just got off work and don’t want to go too crazy for dinner and the kitchen seems like just another task piled on the day. Many liquor/wine stores carry half bottles of wine. Grab a white, a red, and a rosé. Now it’s time for a journey, go toy our sweetheart’s favorite fast food restaurants and get their favorite items from each place. Me? I would get fries from Checkers, tenders from Chik-Fil-A with every dipping sauce possible, a Bacon-nator from Wendy’s, and an apple pie from McDonalds (because you know damn well the ice cream machine is broken). It may take some extra time and effort, but your lover will be so appreciative of that over the top gesture.

So there you go! Stop slackin’ on yo mackin’ and do something fun and creative with that special person.

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