Feast of Good Fortune: A Worthy Kickoff to Sundance

Feast of Good Fortune: A Worthy Kickoff to Sundance


Inaugurating the 2024 Sundance Film Festival with a touch of culinary artistry and musical charm, ChefDance Social orchestrated a captivating soirée. Hosted on January 18th, the event titled “The Feast of Good Fortune,” served a dual purpose: a birthday celebration for the visionary behind ChefDance Social, Mimi Kim, and a prelude to the much-anticipated headlining performance by Leon Bridges, presented by Chase Sapphire as part of ‘The Premiere Series’ at The Marquis Park City in collaboration with LNE Presents.

At the heart of this gathering was the grand unveiling of ChefDance Social’s permanent restaurant concept, a venture masterfully overseen by the acclaimed James Beard chef, Shawn McClain, alongside the locally acclaimed Executive Chef Jordan Harvey. The culinary voyage embarked upon the realms of Italian cuisine, with a meticulously crafted “Feast of Good Fortune” menu designed to honor Mimi Kim’s birthday and the auspicious Year of The Dragon. A particular dessert, conceived by ChefDance’s pastry virtuoso, Jessie Rae, stole the spotlight – the Candy Pop Butterfinger-infused “Popcorn Panna Cotta.”

Jessie Rae’s culinary journey in Park City has been nothing short of remarkable. After completing a culinary program at Utah Valley University, she commenced her culinary odyssey at Montage Deer Valley as part of their inaugural pastry team. Subsequently, she ventured to Alaska, where she played a pivotal role in a seafood restaurant’s success on a secluded island. Throughout her career, Rae has lent her talents to esteemed establishments in Park City, including Stein Eriksen, leaving an indelible mark on the dessert and pastry landscape.

Describing her delectable creation, Rae enthused, “The panna cotta showcases the Butterfinger popcorn flavor, from Candy Pop, both inside and as a garnish. The dessert itself is an eggless dairy-based custard, gently set with gelatin, flavored with butter, Candy Pop popcorn, and Butterfinger.”

The evening’s culinary delights were complemented by a special meet and greet with the R&B sensation Leon Bridges, exclusively for Chase Sapphire VIP cardholders and fervent fans. Following a sumptuous multi-course meal, Bridges ascended to The Marquis for his highly anticipated performance. The musical interlude was further enriched by the melodic talents of Ryan Innes, a finalist from “The Voice,” who serenaded the guests with his soulful tunes throughout the dinner.

Notable attendees included Kenny Griswold, Mimi Kim’s husband and co-founder of ChefDance, as well as luminaries like DJ Paul Oakenfold and renowned F&B expert Adam Cohen.

Reflecting on the launch of the new ChefDance Social restaurant concept, Mimi Kim remarked, “Park City is a very special and unique place for residents and visitors alike. Kenny (Griswold) and I thought that it deserved a special culinary gem that would elevate the food scene. After 20 years of bringing remarkable chefs into Park City for ChefDance, we decided to open a permanent restaurant with Shawn McClain as our culinary partner, offering fine Italian cuisine. We will also have visiting chefs throughout the year, such as Chef Seunghyun, whom I was honored to welcome to our kitchen, to offer patrons a variety of food and experiences. It is very important to us to give back to the community that has given so much to us.” This extraordinary evening marked the intersection of gastronomic artistry, musical brilliance, and a heartfelt commitment to the community, setting the stage for the festivities of the Sundance Film Festival.

To make reservations please visit www.chefdancesocial.com and also visit www.themarquispc.com for upcoming music concert dates.
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