Tapas and a View at Halifax, Hoboken

My brunch hiatus ended with a bunch of small plates at Halifax in Hoboken. Inside of The W Hotel, Halifax offers what they call ‘Bubbles Brunch’ where they offer unlimited small plates for two hours and a bottle of sparkling wine. We walked in around 11am and being that it was Father’s Day, all tables were reserved with the exception of outdoor seats and the bar. It was a sunny day and the restaurant has a nice view of the Hudson River so we sat outside.

You know how your first instinct when you go to a restaurant is to look at the menu and see what you want? You don’t have to do that here. You’re served a small plate of everything on the menu.The menu is broken down into four sections- chilled bites, morning munchies, afternoon delights, and mini sandwiches. I always struggle with deciding between a sweet or savory dish so this was the perfect system for me. After one of everything, you can ask for more of whatever you want another serving of.

One of my favorite parts about Halifax and their style of brunch is the bottle of sparkling wine you get. Finding places that do brunch right is hard because watered down mimosas are very much a thing. Here, they serve a decent Cava and give you strawberry and orange juice to add yourself. The bottomless drinks are only $10 more than simply doing unlimited small plates. Considering each person will probably get around 4 refills per glass, I say it’s very much worth it.

Being offered so many different plates, you’re bound to find some things you love and some you don’t. I had four favorites out of everything. I had my first deviled egg and I had no idea i’d be such a big fan. I don’t have a standard for what a deviled egg should taste like but it was cold, creamy and had a nice smoked paprika flavor which I enjoyed. My next favorite was the challah french toast. The bread was thick and fluffy and it’s served with a maple infused whipped cream that adds the perfect level of sweetness. I’m a sucker for mini sandwiches. As someone who usually stays away from ham, I indulged and ended up loving the croque monsieur. The ham and swiss are sandwiched between tiny pieces of toast that have been brushed with butter and broiled to this delicious crunch. We ended up adding an extra order of these. Plates like the spring vegetable salad and the cauliflower fried rice were fine in taste but just nothing special to me.

I can see Halifax becoming a new regular spot for me. Their menu has something for everyone and the experience of having tapas for brunch makes it easy for those of us who are indecisive. On top a good brunch, they also have a dinner menu filled with seafood and a bar serving house-made vermouth. If you find yourself in Hoboken, looking to brunch, I think you’ll enjoy the experience here.

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Tapas and a View at Halifax, Hoboken

My brunch hiatus ended with a bunch of small plates at Halifax...
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