Subway Dance-Off lead by Kendall Jenner

Subway Dance-Off lead by Kendall Jenner

At 19 years old Kendall Jenner is already one of the most sought out models in the industry.  But, did you know she can dance?

In anticipation for the hotly-anticipated Balmain X H&M collaboration launching November 5th, Kendall, with her Balmain crew take over the subway for an intense dance battle.  Dressed head to toe in the Balmain collaboration pieces, Kendall sets the stage by walking into a futuristic Asian subway where she, along with “The Kendalls” (her equivalent to Taylor Swifts Girl Squad) vogues their way to defeat.

Kendall has definitely been the prominent face of the campaign so far, though, and the video’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, knows why. Oliver spoke about Kendall shooting the video, and had only the most amazing things to say. “Kendall had a lot of fun,” he told Yahoo Style. “It was a new experience for her. We had the best time. It was new for both of us. But more importantly, the campaign has to reflect the Balmain Army and for me, she is the most important. She is an icon. I’m inspired by her.”

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