A Drinking Man’s Game: Copper Pony Rye Whiskey

A Drinking Man's Game: Copper Pony Rye Whiskey

We cant deny the social aspect of drinking! Not only does it bring us together but when responsibly consumed, it definitely enhances social gatherings. Think about it; how many of us are willing to participate in karaoke, all the while making a fool of ourselves! Spirits make these situations slightly more comfortable, by helping subsided our inhibitions . How about the many monumental experiences in our lives that include the consumption of alcohol? From birthdays to business dealings, alcohol is considered to be the catalyst to the most celebratory events. This week  I shared the experience with a couple of friends from The Buried Thoughts Podcast. This was pretty monumental for me as not only did I share my process with a couple buddies, but this was the first time I was on a podcast. Copper Pony’s Whiskey Bourbon was the choice and served as the example of ADMG’s process of selecting and reviewing spirits.

The drinks were flowing and the jokes going! Shout out to my homie Manny as we also celebrated his 35th birthday. Of course, we had to start the show with by pouring up a cup of what I like to call; “The Funky Stuff”. It became an experience when the cork was popped “On Air”. At this point, I must admit I was a bit nervous but the interaction became second nature as the cast of Buried Thoughts does a great job of asking probing questions as well as becoming involved in the ADMG tasting process. This included the process of aerating the Copper Pony before giving it a taste. This is my favorite part of tasting spirits because everyone tastes and smells differently. As a result, the smell ranged from vanilla to inter-tube. This aspect is intriguing because I find that everyone’s palates are not only different but people come up with some interesting tastes.

We then proceeded to the most important step of the ADMG experience which is the tasting. This is always the most humorous part of the process because I’ve heard people say that they’ve tasted everything from Band-Aid’s to dirt. Dirt is a more common thing to hear but Band-Aids!? How do we know what Band-Aids taste like? When I heard this, I pictured someone standing in front of the medicine cabinet licking Ban-Aids then going on a Rick and Morty-esque trip. My point is people’s imaginations can get a little crazy. According to this week’s fellow experimenters, we got a couple of pretty interesting responses. This  included vanilla, inter-tube of a bike tirem and the most interesting of them all, white out. Yes, white out! That range is crazy!

What I got from the Copper Pony was vanilla, pepper, cinnamon and metal. It isn’t as smooth as I typically preferred but that’s to be expected as the price point of Copper Pony is relatively inexpensive. I would recommend it based on price point and as a entry-level bourbon. This is great for a chill weekend with the guys or if you want to try something new.

As far as the experience of the podcast, shout to the homies from Buried Thoughts Podcast! I appreciated you guys giving me the opportunity to share the ADMG process with you and your listeners.

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