Nike x Air Max x New York

Nike x Air Max x New York

The Air Max 1 turned 30 this weekend, and just like anyone celebrating their birthday nowadays; they did so for the entire month capping off with a big weekend. Air Max Day has become a worldwide phenomenon and Nike executed this year flawlessly. There were over twenty different Air Max releases this month ALONE to commemorate the celebration of the 30th anniversary of one of Nike’s most iconic lines. Along with those releases Nike introduced their “Revolutionairs” consisting of 12 different takes on classic models and a voting system to choose what shoe will release in 2018. North America consisted of events in Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and of course New York City, and I have to say it was a hell of a get together. This was a global spectacle though and the worldwide view of things can be seen here. And if you haven’t realized yet, SOCIAL was a fixture at the New York this year and honestly, I think it was the best place to be.

Let’s start with the SNEAKEASY event at Nike SoHo. An event which was only accessible via RSVP from your Nike+ account or by invite. Nike SoHo was surprisingly the perfect venue to house such an event too. The use of all five floors gave you a feel of Bruce in “Game of Death”. Each floor had its own individual story, layout, and vibe to focus around the event. SoHo featured walls and small shrines dedicated to some of the greatest Air Maxes of all time throughout the venue. There were interactive displays giving you detailed information about the historical aspects of these gems which definitely bridged the old with the new. I personally always appreciate the art aspect we get for these moments, and this year was no different. You had sculptures, vintage photography, paintings and optical illusions sprinkled everywhere. The layout was perfect, and the ambiance was set by Angel and Dren on the ones and twos. They kept everything flowing through a very solid mix that had the floors dancing and nodding all night. Nike also surprised guest with an early release of the Vapormax for attendees; and I have to say if you were lucky enough to get a pair of these, they will definitely be a pair you love.

We now move on to Sunday, Air Max Day, 3/26. Nike has put together another event right off the Hudson, with exclusive invites and limited bands given out for general admission. You walk in and the fog hits you immediately upon entering. Mirrored pillars along the side and a heavily glowing Air Max sign are your welcoming path, with faint music in the background. Continue walking in and Chase B is warming up on stage as this room full of smoke starts to get packed by guests. A huge hanging screen faces down against the stage with consistently changing Nike graphics. Chase is now knee deep in his set transitioning from a chill pace to banger after banger. There is an electricity starting to build in the crowd with murmurs of the special guest hitting the stage soon. And just like that, Travis Scott hits the stage delivering his normal standard of energy for his performances. Travis is visibly hype about being apart of the celebration. His stage presence is definitely a sight to see as he demands crowd participation through the entire set. He has even gone so far to bring fans on stage, whom performed along side of him. He declares this to be the greatest Air Max Day of all time and we definitely agree it was one for the ages.

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