From a Saint to the Crossroads

From a Saint to the Crossroads

For starters, I actually have to give myself a pat on the back for the title of this piece. I actually think this one is pretty clever, but enough about me. We all know, but may not want to admit high school can play a crucial part in our lives. Mainly due to those years arguably being some of the most critical to how we are influenced and developed as people in society. These are normally those foundation years where we either establish something solid, or end up having to rip everything out of the ground and replanting to grow again. With that said, one of the most exciting summer moves for basketball has come from a player we won’t see in the pros for at least 4+ from now. The Prince (nope do not like that), The King’s Crown Jewel (no that’s no good either), The Young King (yup that’s the one). The Young King has chosen to complete his high school journey at the distinguished Crossroads High School. Crossroads has a long list of well-known alumni. Baron Davis, Jonah Hill, Kate Hudson, Michael Bay, Jack Black, and most recent graduate Shareef O’Neal are just some of the names to attend the institution. Shareef recently said after hearing the news of Bronny choosing his alma mater that he wishes he had been a few years younger to be able to play together. That definitely would have been something we would have enjoyed on the court that will have to wait for summer leagues and all-star games of the future.

This is the beginning of the Young King’s legacy. He has already been tearing up things this summer on the AAU circuit taking a National Championship a few weeks back. That’s a great accomplishment to come into right before your freshman year, and should set a tone for things to come from his play. Following in his father’s footsteps, these were the years where pop created the phenomena that we know today. In his series The Shop, LeBron spoke on not wanting his kids to be in his shadow and regretting giving Bronny his name, but the Young King seems ok. Crossroads clearly knows how to prime and nurture potential of its students for the bright lights, and that’s something that can serve well for Bronny. If he is anything like his father off the court, he has the potential to be far more than an athlete and balance multiple facets. On the court, he has the potential to do exactly as his father did as the NBA plans to return to allowing players to be draft eligible from high school. The story is being written for the Young King, but its opening well thus far. He is already garnering some notoriety, and success that should lead for future greatness from him. The SOCIAL team is fully behind the young man’s journey, and we look forward to seeing him grow as an individual on the path.


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