Reebok is Being More Human

So, last night I as many others were, tuned in to the ESPY’s and caught the show stealing moment led by Aly Raisman. Ironically, this morning I happened to catch HBO’s “Battle of the Sexes” which is based upon the historic moment between Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs. That was 45 years ago and unfortunately, as we have seen some of those same things … Continue reading Reebok is Being More Human

Kicks are for Kids?

Ask anyone that’s into sneakers and they’ll tell you their love and affinity started during childhood. Often, it’s that same child in them that keeps them so enthusiastic about sneakers as they get older. That child like attraction mixed with a bit of nostalgia (which I will address in another piece) is what drives a significant portion of the sneaker culture. This is why we … Continue reading Kicks are for Kids?