Rihanna Continues To Defy Boundaries

Rihanna will launch her first-ever fragrance for men, ROGUE MAN by Rihanna. From first contact, ROGUE MAN by Rihanna intoxicates men with a choreographed clash of fragrance notes that are both masculine and ultra-sexy. ROGUE MAN by Rihanna has top notes comprised of fresh citrus, herbs, and spicy black pepper which offer a clean opening impression, the velvet floral blends, strong undertones of cedar wood, … Continue reading Rihanna Continues To Defy Boundaries

Beyoncé Silences Divorce Rumors At VMAs

This summer has been full of rumors circulating divorce between the iconic couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé. These rumors went a little something like this, “Jay-Z’s mistress released a single named “I’m Sorry Mrs. Carter!” “The couple will announce their split at the end of their OTR Tour,” etc. The couple has yet to address these rumors to the media with a press conference or statement … Continue reading Beyoncé Silences Divorce Rumors At VMAs

Katy Perry’s Latest Tour Has ‘Roar’

Perry’s recent round of tours offers something for everyone. While not all will buy in on the theatrics, all will leave with something to talk about. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just along for the ride, brace yourself for the world of Prismatic: a theater of exploration and the visually outrageous; a carnival of easy summer fun, where the mind meets whatever hits the … Continue reading Katy Perry’s Latest Tour Has ‘Roar’

6 Reasons to Love Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox Tour

You enjoy old school dance moves, including synchronized swishing left-and-right, and/or find it entertaining when grown men dance this way in groups (Mars’ band is truly talented, have great energy, and often clustered together to sing and jam in unison).  You respect a variety of musical genres, from songs with a Motown feel and the use of brass     instruments, to tunes that transports you to … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Love Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox Tour

The New Velvet

Lush, dreamy, soulful, nutritious, and pop. These are the five words that the guys of The New Velvet would say define their music start to finish. Friends since High School, Dustin, Robby, Sheep, and Ben have been collaborating together, ultimately forming The New Velvet, one of the most popular up and coming bands ready to take over the airwaves. With thousands of fans worldwide, also … Continue reading The New Velvet