“Robbin Season”

Donald Glover just wrapped up his second season for “Atlanta” on FX, and it was nothing less than brilliant. Glover has always seemed to have elite level writing skills being a fixture behind the scenes for years. In recent years he took a step forward after leaving NBC’s “30 Rock” , “Community” and “Derrick Comedy”, where he played pivotal roles for years. Glover just really … Continue reading “Robbin Season”

Tracy Morgan – The Last O.G.

Tracy Morgan returns back to Brooklyn in his new show “The Last OG” which costars the rising superstar Tiffany Haddish. The TBD comedy is sure to be hilarious as the two have an estranged relationship in the series, and seem to trade wits on screen as often as possible . It’s truly a pleasure to have Tracy Morgan back after his hiatus following that near … Continue reading Tracy Morgan – The Last O.G.

Beards, Rhymes, and the Return

Adidas has been steadily climbing as a sneaker juggernaut with its daring designs through its running division. That same momentum hadn’t transferred over to the basketball court in recent years. However, there is hope in the form of their current basketball superstars who are looking to transform the three-stripe lifestyle heavyweight into a basketball powerhouse. Being fresh, new and innovative are all qualities that a … Continue reading Beards, Rhymes, and the Return

Improving Ultra

For a generation always on the run, Adidas is looking to keep themselves in the “go-to” conversation. The Ultra boost has become one of the most popular shoes out over recent years. It seems like Adidas has found a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. As the versions improve, they follow that same blueprint while continuously improving on technology to makes running more effortless … Continue reading Improving Ultra

Gold: BMW & Team USA’s Men’s Bobsled

BMW and the USA Men and Women’s bobsled teams are at it again. After their success in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, they look to build on what earned them two bronzes and a silver respectively. The Women’s Team led the way with two medals while the Men’s Team brought in one as well in 2014. That hadn’t been accomplished since 1952. Now, four … Continue reading Gold: BMW & Team USA’s Men’s Bobsled