MAXing Out?

MAXing Out?

So, as many of you well know I am heavily into music. What many of you may not know, I am the son of a musician, so I grew up in studios and music shaped my life at an early age. Whether it’s new or old, in a group setting or alone, being streamed or listening live, I love music. I think getting a chance to experience it at arm’s length played a huge part on how I like to experience music. Even though I shouldn’t, I often like to listen to music at volumes that make me feel like I am sitting in the session. I know the long-term effects it can have, I’m sorry, it’s just how I enjoy my music. Another part that is normally crucial to me is the audio quality. I need everything to sound crisp, balanced, full, without any single piece being overbearing. I want my bass to knock without being excessive. I need my treble high so I can get the rich experience. And, I need my mids to sound full enough so that they are not drowned out by either. You can consider me a “Sound Snob” over anything. I am definitely the type to pick apart or discredit a project for an inferior mix, and I have no problem saying that.

With all that said, I am very particular with what I choose to listen to my music through. I am that friend that will re-tune your radio just so I can enjoy my favorite song; and I will do it without hesitation. I have gotten flack for it, but I have never cared. It has to sound right in order for me to enjoy it or I really don’t want to hear it. I am sure you can imagine by now that I am critical of my headphones, earbuds, and speakers. Friends can tell you, I am the type that hates to return things. I have purchased headphones that I expected more out of, been disappointed, and just given them away. I’m probably one of the best people to know when it comes down to that type of stuff, because I literally just pass it on without second thought. However, this piece isn’t about me being generous, it’s about audio. For a long time I had actually had my mind set on Marshall as a company, specifically eyeing their Stanmore and Woburn models. I have heard them in multiple settings, Multi-Room, small room, large open space, and outdoors. I was never really disappointed; I just never got around to investing in one honestly.

MAXing Out?

However, earlier last week I was lucky enough to receive the Google Home Max. It’s no secret I am a Pixel 2 XL user. I also have a couple of Chromecast’, the Pixel Buds, and a Home Mini. I enjoy the simplicity of each device, and it makes it truly easy to flow through leisure, entertainment, and work for me. But back to this Google Home Max. I literally started it up right after I opened it. Beyond the fact I wasn’t even expecting it, I truly love new gadgets. Setup was as easy as any of Google’s other devices for your home. With decent weight to it, and a sleek design, I immediately recognized that this was quality built product. The controls and settings all the same as other Google Home speakers so I was accustomed and fluent navigating through the initial setup and customization. I adjusted a few things for a personal touch, and tinkered with the audio settings prior to listening. The first song I played was “Half Forgotten Daydreams” by John Cameron, if you don’t know that’s honestly one of the smoothest records you will ever hear and a great balance of sounds and instruments. The song gave me everything I wanted to hear out of a speaker and more. Everything was crisp, clear, and with immense depth. from there I was immediately inspired to play some Ross, since the song screams something he would have sampled. After that I went through other albums where I knew the mixing and mastering were heavily prioritized. I played Man on the Moon, Late Registration, 2001, Last Train to Paris, Nothing Was the Same, The Cool, Because of the Internet, a variety of Hov, some Kendrick, and Life is Good, and I was far from letdown.

There is a reason why I mentioned the Marshall speakers and not necessarily other smart speakers on the market. I don’t really know if you compare many smart speakers to the Max. The sheer quality and output its capable of, seem to be far better than the competitors options. Between the quality and value, it’s definitely in a realm all its own. All the features you are familiar with from Google are built in, Google Assistant, Chromecast, and a variety of connectivity to other smart devices make this an easy pick up in my eyes. For me this could not have come at a better time. With an audio experience that stands on its own with those Marshall products spoken on earlier, and a slew of smart features not possessed in many speakers, this is one you need to see for yourself.

See the full specs and run down here.

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