Is The Price Right?

Is The Price Right?

As a media outlet there are many perks and benefits that are afforded to us. As you can see we are normally any and everywhere looking to give our readers and viewers a view from our eyes. Being there is one of the perks of the world we are in. Another one is merchandise, upcoming products, promotional materials, and also clothing. Out of all the things we receive clothing is the one I find the most interesting. Probably because it can vary from staple brands to up and coming lines looking to create greater visibility for themselves. Regardless of the means it all means the world to us here at SOCIAL. We greatly appreciate the fact that we are given these opportunities and are viewed in the light we are due to what we offer as an outlet. With that said there is a gripe I have that I can no longer be silent on.

Normally you won’t see me speak to things in such a harsh manner, but this is something I have sat on for awhile. When it comes down to the attire I am firm believer in supporting what’s dope. Of course there are brands that I love, but the brand doesn’t make or break it for me. Now I want to be clear this is far from meaning you will catch me in some off brand stuff. It’s just me saying anyone who knows me knows I am one of the most stylish men they know, and it’s not always in some highly touted brand. I mean, I think it’s common knowledge a person with style can take anything and make it look solid. While it’s also recognized that an aura-less person can make the greatest fit look terrible. So for me I tend to lean towards a blend of the well known, the under appreciated, and the up and coming.

On to the part I can no longer keep quiet on though. When we are given a lot of this gear the expectation is either to have it featured or wear it out and speak to it. This is nothing uncommon, we see it on red carpets all the time when people are asked “Oh who are you wearing this evening?”. We are always appreciative and open to helping a brand. So a lot of times we will speak on these upcoming or not as known brands, and will also recommend what we truly like to others. What I have found through inspection and recent feedback from those we suggested certain lines to is some of these brands are pricing at numbers that aren’t appealing to their potential customers. This has been tough for me if we are being honest. A lot of things are proactively sent to us, and sometimes we aren’t aware of what’s coming or whom is coming from. In some cases when we finally get through researching, there are times when there seems to be a gap between the brand and the buyer when it comes to the value.

Pricing is never easy when it comes to someone creating a product. When we see newer lines pricing their items for a premium it can be a head scratcher for some. Without deeper understanding we would probably do the same. We attribute this premium pricing due to three different factors. The first is when the creator looks back at the work and journey it took to get to release, and pretty much says this is what my efforts are worth. The second is when the creator or brand looks at the market and feels they are doing the same as a relative established line. The problem that normally happens with that thinking is the time it took that established brand to reach that point is normally overlooked. The final reason is that Lavar Ball logic of this is just what we feel the price should be. This is also a difficult ideology for people to align with especially when the price is set at a premium from inception, because that value and clout hasn’t been built for the brand yet.

Listen we aren’t knocking anyone’s hustle, and we aren’t saying they don’t deserve what they are requesting. At this point we are simply voicing the observation that at that premium so early on there is a disconnect to certain consumers. All we are suggesting is build that value for those people that may not see it immediately. It may be by giving them the story and history. It could be by giving the brand time or proving that the quality warrants that cost. But, whatever it may be we are confident that will greatly help you.

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