The Curious Case of Donald Trump and Twitter

The Curious Case of Donald Trump and Twitter

As we begin to accept the President elect for who he is, there has been a tough pill to swallow beginning to form for most people. Donald Trump won the Presidential election primarily based on the inherent disgust most people had for Hillary Clinton, as well as most perceiving him as an outsider. Yet, even after all this, there is still an issue that needs to be discussed; social media. It is quite difficult to really put a tangible guideline to social media as it’s fairly new in the grand scheme of things. It really only took off within the beginning of Barack Obama’s second term, but even then he has always had a very laissez-faire relationship with it. Enter Donald. Donald Trump has not become the outspoken and brash individual he is based on being quiet. He is boisterous, loud, and has no problem speaking his opinion. This is what separated him from the Ted Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s of this election. Like him or not, this is who he is. This has also translated into his social media temperament.

From the onset we all knew who he was. As much as I am not a fan of his, he is right. They knew what they were getting with him. There were no minced words, nor veiled phrases. He also enjoys Twitter. A lot. This is where things get murky. The media has had a tough time working with Donald, especially since he will ‘break news’ on his social media that hasn’t been verified anywhere else.

In this collection of tweets, Donald has accused the state of Virginia of voter fraud, the fact he won the popular vote (which is not true), and that he stopped Ford from moving a Lincoln plant to Mexico. Every single one of these tweets has already been deemed false or has no viable proof behind it. This is the problem. The President cannot be breaking news on his Twitter account because as the leader of the free world he is seen as the as a symbol of trust. This isn’t trust or honesty. This is actually out of character for someone who prides themselves on being so open and honest. If we can’t trust our President, then who will?

To add to this, Donald Trump has made a point to lash out against people that he feels either hurt him or those around him. As is the strange case of the Broadway hit Hamilton.

Wait. What?? Why is he even commenting on this? Did you even listen to the audio where the Hamilton cast was respectful and hopeful for your presidency? Even Mike Pence, the “assaulted” party came out and said he was fine with the dissidence. The whole show of Hamilton is about fighting the unjust power. This isn’t a place to have a flame war. Especially when you are supposed to be our objective leader. But it get’s better.

This morning President elect Trump dropped this gem.

Did he just say if you burn a flag that you might lose your citizenship or get a year in jail?! Does he not understand how the justice system works. For sure burning the flag is wrong but there is due process. It’s like every time we start to accept his potential reign, he drops a not so worthy comment or collection of comments that makes one not only shake their head, but even rethink that vote. This can’t be how we’re making America great again. If it is, then please wake me up in 4 years.

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