5 Reasons Why Hillary Lost The Election

5 Reasons Why Hillary Lost The Election

As we now know in one of the biggest upsets in United States History (yes, even more shocking than the 2016 Golden State Warrior’s 3-1 choke in the Finals), Hillary Clinton, a career politician and one time First Lady, lost to Donald Trump (of WWE and Television fame) in the United States Presidential Election. It has been a pretty emotional few days, but as we now know it, the build up was incredibly skewed. There seems to have been no way analysts could have been this wrong, but they were. In retrospect, we should have seen it coming.

The Millenials didn’t really like her.

From the onset of her campaign it seemed that Hillary was truly trying too hard. She started uploading selfies and really attempting to get elected by her social media know how. It seemed like one friend said “scripted”. And it was. She even jumped on board the Mannequin Challenge the eve of the election with Bon Jovi in tow. BON JOVI. You would think with Obama’s star power she would have brought out Rihanna or Drake. She did have a pretty star spangled concert with Jay and B the week before, so she gets some sort of credit there. The Millenial Democrat generally favored Bernie and had to stomach her as their choice. That did not help.

The FBI investigation doomed her campaign. 

The fact is, whether you are guilty or not in the court of law it pales in comparison to your innocence in the public eye. Hillary, regardless of being acquitted of wrong doing in the case opened against her regarding her private server of emails, was already guilty in the eyes of most Americans. It honestly turned into a stuff of late night television when you think about how idiotic and humorous the whole proceedings were. Hillary had very little to truly back up what she did. Her IT guy turned and we then found fragments on Reddit and forums. It was a joke. The fact the case was ‘re-opened’ merely a week before election was the final nail in her elected coffin.

No one trusted her. 

I have never seen a candidate face so many trust issues before even being elected. She had the same aura around her as Nixon post Watergate or Bush post WMD debacle. From the investigations to her pay for play allegations, she was never far removed from some sort of controversy. It also didn’t seem people forgave or forgot her Benghazi mess. This is troubling when it comes to voters who are already pretty stifled by elected officials. This wasn’t the same First Lady who we saw as standing tall post Sexgate. What was telling was hearing many disenchanted Republicans, who HATED Donald Trump, refusing to vote for her. They rather their vote be thrown to Johnson.

The damn third party vote.

We haven’t seen a real blip from the third party in a few years. There have been swings in elections because of it (Perrot hurting Bush in 1992, and Nader hurting Gore in 2000), but no in the past 3 elections. But with Hillary losing Pennsylvania by 65,000 some odd votes (Gary Johnson pulled in over 140,000) and losing Florida by 110,000 vote (Gary Johnson had over 200,000 votes), there seemed to be a spoiler in this race. Now we don’t know how exactly these voters WOULD have voted if Gary was slightly crazier or Hillary was just a bit more likable, but historically speaking they generally do favor the blue party. Still, Gary Johnson is one hilarious guy. He deserved a few million votes for his fake heart attack because of marijuana.

We underestimated the middle of the country. 

I think many of us were misguided in our thinking, as living on the coasts we have been exposed and spoiled with progressive thinking and diversity for our entire lives. The main issue was how Donald really hit the core of these people. He promised US manufacturing, making this great nation again, and xenophobia. He really touched a nerve about immigration, hate for anything not white, and how we have become the laughing stock of the world. Hillary, and many of us, did not think that was a nerve that could still be touched. But there is and will always be a racist backbone to this country no matter how hard we try to say it’s subsided. As much as most of it COULD be rhetoric, we have to come to terms with the fact that those words are what helped him get elected and accept it.

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